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1. Is a saint recognized by Miracles?
No. Miracles are no criteria for a saint or a yogi .It is on the other hand, a deliberate fraud played by dexterous gurus upon weak and credulous people to entrap them in the fold of their gurudom.

2. What is the best miracle?
Putting a man on the right path is one of the best miracles

3. What do you think of people who perform miracles?
That is coming from one world and jumping into another world.

4. Please comment on the miracles being performed by people who have started a sort of personality cult?
What can I say about it. They are responsible for their work.

5. Are the miracles of any use to humanity?
Miracles are of no use to humanity. That is some thing different.

More on Miracles

I do not believe in miracles nor advocate them as arguments for showing the greatness of my Master. Miracles if supported mean that we are supporting unnatural things. Several things happen and some appear to be good for us and some bad. It is all a matter of judgment and perspective. I have had many occasions where death was just by the side and I never suffered from the feeling that I (an insignificant being before God) merited His attention to save me. That is the humility and also rationality.
In our system there are no miracles, everything is systematically delivered to the aspirant according to merits.