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What is new



1. Regularity in Sadhana is a most important thing. But ritualistic adherence does not help much as the practice in spirit is more effective. Therefore try to cultivate the habit of remembering the Master in all that you do and think.
2. One thing that we should learn in life is to be grateful and then count the blessings we get from our Lord. This attitude helps us to be happy and also develop contentment.
3. Absolute sincerity and willingness to yield to the Master is the only sure path to success.
4. Unless we develop the attitude of forbearance and fortitude many precious gems in spiritual life do not come. The tough the polishing the greater the shine of the gem. Take everything as a Divine Blessings for your own good. Also note that we are responsible for most of the trouble we have - it is our own samskaras and no one is to blame or find fault with.
5. Faith in yourself, in the method and above all in Master will carry you through all the walks of life.
6. Learn to be grateful to the Master for whatever blessing you have. That is the proper attitude to develop.
7. There is no need to repeat our thanks for every occasion of happiness bestowed on us. It is necessary that the thankful state of mind is ingrained in our consciousness and our acts must express such gratefulness.
8. Knowing our lapses is the initial stage and correction the next stage, the last stage is not to repeat the lapses by offering prayer as advised in the 10th Commandment.
9. Please leave the habit of intellectualising and that will enable you to get out of the habit of comparison. Every one of us get what we deserve as the Samavarthi cannot do anything otherwise.
10. Do not worry about the past, always work in the present. That is the path of spirituality.
11. Never entertain negative thoughts- they weaken the will. Do not give negative suggestions to yourself.

Points to Remember

1. Ours is always a positive approach.
2. Evening cleaning, Bedtime prayer and prayer at 9o clock are useful to rid of our undue attachments and avoidable attachments. Mellowness of heart and kindness to others would develop faster.
3. God gives opportunities to develop certain qualities and attitudes in life. Never He gives the qualities directly.
4. Humility is a virtue that develops in our system naturally.
5. Fortitude and forbearance are great virtues which we develop naturally in our system.
6. Patience, forbearance, fortitude etc., are preliminaries in the path which leads to the realm of humility.
7. Patience is a virtue that we need to develop in doing sadhana.
8. In spirituality the main thing to learn is patience, waiting, tolerance and forbearance.
9. Purity is something that has no limit.
10. Sloth and laziness of any type is not good. Many think that they should be in the meditative mood always. This is not correct. We should do our duty.
11. Circumstances are there and it is for us to tune to them and always try to attend to our spiritual as well as mundane duties as earnestly as we can.
12. Laziness and sloth are to be rid off with effort only. This can be done by keeping the Infinite journey in view.
13. Rituals have a binding effect and those who seek true realisation/enlightenment cannot yield to rituals.
14. Intellect has got its own advantages and limitations and most of the time the arguments we have is nothing but a scratching we do to get rid of itching.
15. The extent of humility we develop is directly proportional to the progress in the path of infinity. The more we feel our lowliness the more we advance in spiritual life. Ofcourse this should not be something that is done artificially.
16. Development of Viveka in our system happens faster due to the help from the Master.
17. Dedicating all work and experience to Master is the easiest way to stop formation of samskaras.
18. Falterings are never the problems it is only falls which disable us to rise that is the problem.
19. Please note that you are never the doer and it is He who works.
20. Persons on the path of spirituality owe an obligation to improve the environment. Cleaning and purification of oneself naturally precedes the attempt to better others.
21. The days of Basant (celebrations) are vital to spirituality and during those days we should maintain our link with Him consciously.
22. It is our duty to make every possible effort to spread the message of the Master.
23. If The Ultimate resignation is there then the journey is over.
24. It is necessary that we should understand that every individual is an expression of the Divine and if any one seeks our help it is our fortune and a great opportunity for service given to us.
25. It is necessary that the self gets moulded to such an extent that the Master alone is visible for others or the display of Master through the self is total.
26. There is every need to own up the conditions of the Pind Desh if one wants to move in the higher regions.
27. To talk about transformation in the human life without its consequent effects being felt in the social and normal life, is a mere guffaw.
28. Greed and avarice in Spirituality is worse than it is in Materialistic life.
29. For every grain of knowledge ten grains of Wisdom are required.