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In order to develop sensitivity there is no other way except maintaining purity. One is as much sensitive as he is pure. It is directly proportional. To ask how to develop sensitivity is redundant, one can only talk again and again about how to develop purity. When all our Gnyanendriyas and Karmendriyas are totally oriented to the Cause of the Master and nothing else than that then you can say you are pure. During the past so many years we have been together, some of us have discussed on many occasions about the Shoucha, the Suchi importance of the body purity, we also talked about the mental purity and until one understands that body purity is essential, he will not be able to comprehend that the limbs also have to be dedicated to Him. That is the real purity. Dedicating our body in entirety, my feet shall go to Him, my hands should work for Him, I should talk about Him, I should only hear Him, in this direction when we should proceed. We have brought out a CD of Babuji Maharaj, the intention is to hear Him, to that extent one gets purified, our thoughts move on to a very high plane. When we hear Him, we never talks about small things, one talks about petty matters because we are not able to live at that level of purity. The Master was able to accomplish a very high level of purity. He lived in the level of purity, he never talked anything other than the system, other than His Master he never talked about anything else. We leave this room/meditation hall and talk about so many other things. Suchi, Shoucha aspect and mental purity are very important concepts to be adhered to. Mental purity we have only by remembering Him. This I might have said so many ways, “Yasmareth Punderikaksha, Sa bahya antara suchi hi”. This is an example stating that tradition also has a method of purification. We think of Babuji Maharaj and Him alone.
People find it very difficult to come out of their physical and vital levels. They are very elementary. That we have got a higher self than these is to be understood as Viveka first, not only am I a beast but a rational man is in me and there appears to be some supra-rational entity also above that. This is the Viveka that we should have. The Ten commandments give us all this. And I repeat again and again there are three aspects in sadhana, one is discipline, second is practice, third is the wisdom. Discipline is the Ten Commandments, let there be no hindrance in practicing that. You should be in a position as a trainer to say I perform the “Best”, anything other than the ‘best’ is jumping three-fourths of the river. You land up only in the river. Any person who says I could do only this, I am not able to do that is satisfied to sink. It is not possible. At the same time we should not err to the extent to write falsehood there. We should endeavour. Whenever there is a lapse, please note that it is the body and vital needs, it is only the animal in us which is pulling us down. It seems to be more powerful than us. And it is a fact. It is more powerful, if it is not that powerful, every person would have been a Yogi long time back. Divinity in its infinite mercy has accepted to yawn towards us, to help us every day. If we can’t make good of the situation and improve ourselves I think our Viveka has been affected to that extent. That is what Babuji says, if we know our lapses, and repent for it, it should be considered as the best form of the Viveka. Viveka can always brought under Vedantic terms Sad-asad-viveka or as temporary and permanent. Babuji’s angle is a bit different. The tenth commandment is linked to the first one. The first one says, meditate with purity of body and mind strictly adhered to and the tenth commandment states that at bedtime feeling the presence of God repent for the wrongs committed resolving not to repeat the same. He has asked us to submit to Him and feel repentant for the mistakes so that the next day’s performance is better. But then I have been seeing quite a few letters saying that they were able to offer bedtime prayer, for few seconds or few minutes. They don’t get into that state of supplicancy, they don’t feel repentant for the lapses, and one person long back told me that there is no need for repentance, because I’ve committed no mistakes. This I have referred to several times which we are also capable of subscribing, because on that day we have done nothing wrong. We may say so, but is that so, so the essential humility that has to be developed which is the ultimate state is built on this wisdom. The purpose of prayer is to develop humility. The paradox on psychical reason if you put it, unless you feel humble you have no humility, you will not pray. That is why we always say start with the drama and end up with perfection. Yagnavalkya, Bhrugu, Gouthama the Buddha, Mahaveer have all preceded as also many asuras. People who refer to the good old past, seem to be thinking that the Brihadaranyaka, the great forest, is full of Yagnavalkyas, surely not. People think of past saying that the good olden days were the best, the Vedic times were the best. Are you sure that all the people on that day were all that great? Is there any evidence to that effect? On the contrary we have several people telling that there are several theories which can be considered as animal or tribal faith. Why I am telling this is that time and again I have to bring to your notice that you have granted an Aura to certain people and certain systems of the past and are choosing to be blind to what is being given to you. It is true that Nagarjuna was the first person to come forward with the thought of non-duality, it is not Shankara, much before 5 centuries before Shankara , Nagarjuna from Andhra has come forward with the concept of Non-Duality or Advaita Bhavamu. Vedas don’t mention this. We interpret that Vedas have said this.
The influx of the Divine, which is a matter of experience for us and the consequent awareness of the condition of Non-Duality or Void, which we are now calling Imperience, shall be the motivating factor for us to understand ultimately that going to be that Nothingness is going to be the goal. No attachment whatsoever is going to bind you except the attachment to that condition. If you don’t think over that, if you don’t convert it into wisdom, and getting in to the illusory notion that in vedic times some person was living in that condition all the 24 hours 365 days which is a myth and falsehood, you will never be in a position to get this wisdom. First shatter that myth. If you don’t shatter that myth you don’t learn from your Imperience. Your Imperience is there every day, it is given for asking. You sit in meditation, you get in to that state of Non-Duality, but the Nothingness that you have experienced is not translated into action. The disciplined action that is expected from us, this translation is what each one of us have to do for ourselves. That is the wisdom we can bring in that experience, that is what Babuji always used to say this, I give you Spirituality. That is what he means. How to use it, How to become wise out of it is your wisdom. Moments of Non-Dual experience for many of the Zen Buddhists, many of the Taoists many of the Yogis of the past to keep that one experience for entire life time. Kindly mark this somewhere. Babuji has written that he has taken special permission to give any number of these sessions of transmissions of Pranahuti. This used to be till his period once in a life time. Ours is a benevolent Master who is prepared to give this experience any number of times in the same day. Inspite of it our determination to translate that into action so that that experience percolates in all the Ten Commandments is not there. Another myth is propagated that once you come to the fold of Ramchandra you are not going to re-born. Please note that is not the truth. You must follow the system. He is very clear on that. If we follow the system we want and expect the results as Master has promised, it will not work. This was the message given at Madras. Everyone of us have chosen to modify, alter or change the system and the instructions thereof. Some went to the extent of forgetting that they should be meditate on the A and B points, some did not think that it is necessary to clean, some thought they can give excuse for the night prayer. Some thought they can club the 9 O’Clock prayer with the bedtime prayer. Quite a few concessions were given by the Master himself because we are the only people who have responded to this system.
The theory of Karma and the Principle of Samavarthi of God has to be totally understood in our system so that we may not fall into the traditional pits. We can resolve the conflict by going in to the higher plane rather than coming down to their plane and fighting with them. There is no point in wasting our time, energy and resources. It will be good if all people accept this noble idea, this is less than 1% of the Human population, whereas the religious beliefs are followed approximately 40% or 50% of the population. What I am trying to stress is these are the fallacies in thinking, you think certain things will happen, no they will happen only according to your Karma and Lalaji Maharaj and Babuji Maharaj in a very very categorical statement have said, no question of a curse or a boon, it is either postponement or preponement of the effects of your Samskaras willed by a great sage, whoever he be. I can bring in what you should enjoy now or I can postpone what you are enjoying or suffering to future date. So the mythical magical interpretations of the system will be polluting the system, will be distorting the system unwarrantedly, it is true many of you do feel certain amount of de-tensioning, certain amount of peace coming to us even when we have got problems, we say that this is something that He has given, but please note that also is an effect of your sadhana only. You are putting the effort, you are getting the result. You pray, you get the result. So the cause and effect theory is a absolute must. And the only reason why we are not prepared to follow the commandments or any other instruction given by the Master, is due to sloth, indolence, pleasure seeking, and we know that they are not our goals.
Our sensitivity increases along with our dedication and love to the Master. Another important factor is purity has to be increased in us day by day so that sensitivity peaks up and we get understanding of the rewards from Master.