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Individual Sittings


1. Couldn't take Individual in-absentia sittings for more than half of the month as my Trainer was out of Country.
Please do sit on the days when appointment is given and seek help from the Master. You will get such help as is necessary.

2. In Today’s sitting had a lot of churning feeling in the head. It is like mixing of cement and sand in a mixer. No reeling sensation as earlier, immense feeling of absorption in a different manner. I pray to Babuji to enable me to sense exactly the real things that happen to me. Something else is to be followed by me practically. I could not catch it. What it could be?
Transmission works in many ways and all of them are not clearly understood except that cleaning happens always/most of the time. Further in the field of Life there is no reason to insist that everything should be understood at the rational levels. Most of our problems are either at the irrational level or at the supra rational levels. What we should note is whether the condition makes us feel lighter (not physically).

3. I am feeling vibrations throughout the body few times during meditations and sometimes during the day.
This is one of the initial benefits from following this system and our being gets tuned to the vibrations and finally all cells get transformed to discharge Divine duties.

4. During the individual sitting had thoughts for higher aspirations. I feel connected. I should yield more to the Master.
Higher conditions and your deservancy cannot and should not be ideas entertained during individual sittings or for that matter during any meditation. We should place ourselves in the hands of the Master and accept whatever condition is bestowed. Expectancy can be very detrimental to progress.

5. I always feel like continuing meditation for some more time after “That's all” instruction is given.
Your feeling that the meditation may continue for some more time is shared by many others who practice Pranahuti Aided Meditation. The trainer knows his work; you may kindly note the feelings during all meditations in the diary to improve sensitivity.

6. During the end of the sitting felt a prolonged silence. It lasted for longer time (i.e. even after I got out of the sitting). That is all I can put in words.
Regarding the silence, you are feeling the presence of the Divine. That is how the Divine communicates with us. Shruti as people would call it. If you try to "see" what the silence is, it will run away from us.

7. On one occasion felt jerks
Jerks we do feel as effects of Pranahuti that passes through the system cleaning whatever blocks might be there. Jerks are common in our sadhana and they are indicative of the loosening the knots which are too many to count.

8. After sittings I become more oriented towards the Divine.
This attitude is really the one we should continue to have for achieving our goal faster.

9. During a sitting had intense feeling of surrender and service with deep silence within. One sitting, I felt as if I was lifted much higher above 5th knot.
It would be better to identify the state by the feelings rather than the number (5). The various knots have many characteristics and have to owned up to some measure all the states and each person does it according to the samskaras he has.

10. Increased lightness. Feel expansion sometimes.
Expansion of consciousness arises only when the boundary of the body is crossed and that shows we are moving into the realm of Selflessness. That is the way we grow into Brahmand over a period of time.

11. We are in a place where there is no Trainer nor Abhyasis. So our previous trainer advised both of us to do point A very seriously. To the maximum we are following it.
Meditation on points A and B are a must. However this cannot do what Pranahuti can do.

12. When in-absentia sitting is taken, the same level of absorption is not there when sitting in front of the trainer. Do not understand why that should be, since work is being done at the astral level.
The astral body is very closely positioned under normal circumstances to the physical body and that is the reason for the difference in quality and incidentally the need to go to the trainer for individual sittings.

13. I regularly take sittings from my trainer. Sometimes I take sittings from my husband also, but not regularly.
Your husband is your natural trainer. Both of you can work out your lives in such a manner Life becomes meaningful and light spreads in and around you. You can take sittings from your trainer also according to convenience.

14. During the individual sitting felt helplessness to have complete mergence with Him.
Mergence is not the goal as far as I know. To be united and remain united is Yoga. That is the practical way of looking at things. Read commandment 2 of the Master carefully and with love and devotion to Him.

15. During individual sittings nearly thoughtlessness condition bestowed on many days sir.
The concept of ‘bestowed’ puts me in a difficult situation to comprehend. You actually crave for such conditions is what I understand.

16. Felt a state of negation during the individual sitting?
Negation is a word that is used in many ways. What is the absence that is felt? Asserting the absence of a thing/person/event is one of the ways in which Nothingness is understood. You may kindly note in our system it is a positive concept and relates to a stage beyond Oneness which itself is beyond twoness.

17. During the individual sitting felt a very absorbed condition during the last moments. Initially thoughts about sahasrara. Filling of the complete body with some subtle light. Felt bliss and happiness.
Sahasrara is not in our path a place to cross over. As a mater of fact even in tradition it is an anubhava charka and not a sadhana charka. You should follow what the master has given in his book “Towards Infinity’ and not get into notions about other systems which I think you do not have first hand knowledge. Even if you have you need to let them go for good.

18. During sittings, I have a unique sensation thorough out my head as if some force is gripping me to clean out the negativities.
Don’t you think that the gripping feeling you have reminds you of the concern of Master for our progress?

19. In one sitting I felt surrender to Master. Today’s' sitting I felt faith in the Master, absorbed in the condition. Peace and calmness observed during sittings and at almost all times. Sometimes I am awestruck after the sittings. Few jerks observed during satsanghs. A feeling of lightness after cleaning.
Happiness is a disposition. It is to be cultivated deliberately. This is achieved by remembering the presence of the Master in our heart. Faith has many shades and only faith in us is lost the question of surrender arises. Faith in the Master you had in the beginning and to say you have now naturally means you have another dimension of the same understood by you. Note the same.

20. During the Individual sittings and satsanghs, I was feeling burden whether I am fit enough to receive Grace.
It is Ego that makes us feel that we don’t deserve the Grace of God etc., Please note that Divinity is ever eager to help all of us and the help is so close and easy to obtain that we tend to avoid it. Never repeat this mistake thinking that you do not deserve Grace of God.

More on Individual Sittings

It is not very necessary to be concerned about the various conditions bestowed but allow them to naturally seep into our consciousness. This is done by our efforts to maintain the thought of the Master as a GOAL of life as far as possible. Many times the condition is owned by us but we do not become consciously aware also but our behaviour would reflect that condition. Once we have owned the condition through our behaviour and attitudes it becomes futile to try to consciously beware all the time.
Expectancy of something new in every sitting or occasion of meditation is not good.
Do not try to evaluate every sitting or occasion but arrive at a picture over a period of time as transformation is by small increments only even as in any other form of growth.