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1. Is Pranahuti like super-concentrated prana directed by the trainer's will, or is it completely different?
Pranahuti is an act of will of a person who has progressed in the path and has connections to some particular Order of Masters. Please study the book Pranahuti.

2. I find myself more oriented before individual sittings & satsangs than when sitting on my own.
Pranahuti does make a difference in the quality of meditation and that is why we ask the aspirants to take individual sittings.

3. Can "normal" abhyasis transmit and reach the highest without being a prefect or preceptor? I sometimes feel that Pranahuti is the breath of good with its own neutral characteristic.
The question is not candid. A normal aspirant cannot offer Pranahuti unless he is advanced and permitted in a particular order. a) Any aspirant can reach the Ultimate and there is no need for him to become a preceptor or trainer. b) Regarding Pranahuti please read the book suggested or visit our web site.

4. When a prefect or a preceptor transmit is that Pranahuti which create an "echo" in the abhyasis own soul? Does it go from heart to heart? Or is it an activation in the abhyasi?
The Pranahuti is offered by the trainer to the aspirant’s heart. It may not be proper to call it ‘echo’ but ‘resonance’ is what the aspirant feels. The aspirant has no role of activation of Pranahuti.

5. A question we had about pranahuti. We know that, in order to have pranahuti, will from a trainer is necessary. So, how can we call the "energy" which stays in a place where there has been meditation, whereas nobody is there anymore? This "energy" can be perceived by a person who doesn't meditate, but who could feel rather quiet and in harmony. When a person who meditates a lot meets a person who doesn't meditate, the person who doesn't meditate can feel good or bad things; in any case, these "things" may upset her. Why?
Prana is universal and it pervades the entire universe call it energy or any other name of your choice. In places which are pious and virtuous it is general observation that people feel the fine vibrations and also certain amount of peace. Samadhis or places where the great Masters’ bodies are cremated or buried also have their own vibrations which are nothing but the sub atomic particles called generally in Indian spirituality as paramanus. In the book Reality at Dawn our Master clarifies that this is not to be confused with Pranahuti from the Samadhi. Energy never stays in any place it is always in motion. The places where we meditate regularly get charged with the energy that was focused of course by the aspirants in their hearts or in point of Ajna and this in some cases get retained for some time. If meditation is stopped in that place for long time there will be no vibration felt there; this is what we find in abandoned temples and monasteries and ashrams. Certain times in the cases of persons properly introduced into the system of PAM the aspirants feel vibrations or flow of energy in their systems and this is due to the devotional feeling they have at that time which causes certain amount of void in their hearts which are immediately filled by the universal Prana to fill the void. In the SRCM when I was associated with it more I used to have many aspirants reporting such a flow and confusing that with Pranahuti; I used to clarify to the extent that I could. I do not know whether I have clarified your point but that is about it.

6. Do we have to look for this "prana", for instance in going in "special places" where it is more important?
I do not understand what you mean by this query. Prana is universal and is spread out through the Universe. There is no place where it is not. Therefore your query is not understood by me.

7. Does the fact of receiving particularly subtle prana help us in our spiritual progression or are we going to feel better for a while only?
This has been answered fully in our literature. Pranahuti enables us to progress in spiritual life and without it we may be way behind our Goal. The effect of Pranahuti NEED NOT BE FEELING BETTER ALWAYS; many times it is distressing also. The reasons for this phenomenon have been explained fully in our literature. Please study.

8. I would like to get some calrification from you. The difference from Pranahuti and Grace of God seems to be that Pranhuti involves the conduit of trainer and Grace of God is infusion of Divinity without the involvement of trainer. In both event the common denominator seems to be the grace of God. If one develop the capacity and sensitivity to be able to get in touch with the Divinity in ourselves it does not seems to be very difficult to receive grace of God. It seems that the whole creation is built to receive grace of God. However the people who practice raja yoga seems to be able to recognize that they can develop the capacity.
Grace and Pranahuti are not the same. Pranahuti is an act of special will of a person who is advanced in spiritual life. About Grace one of the most abused and misused word, I refrain from giving any comments. Please do read the book on Pranahuti in which most of the clarifications have been given.

More on Transmission / Pranahuti:

1. The capacity to transmit is a yogic attainment. This and many other points have been clarified in the book Pranahuti. Please read that. It is true that though the individual has progressed sufficiently he can work only when he is permitted to work in a particular spiritual order. This is the method from the most ancient days.

2. By going through the document on Pranahuti you must have understood by now that it is an act of will of another person. It follows nothing of that Pranahuti will come from the blues as many persons think. I request you to understand this position and this is fundamental to understanding the philosophy and work at ISRC.

3. It is however true that when transmission is given by a person it is felt through the body but loss of awareness, you are informing is not part of that- it can be only a state of Torpor into which an indisciplined mind enters. Feeling of Pranahuti does not end after initial days it can be felt even at the most advanced stages when it is offered by a capable Master. Again let me warn you from thinking that transmission can be received from the blues. That is simple magic or mystification that is propagated for purposes which the propagators should know.

4. The purpose of my speaking and writing about this subject (Pranahuti) on various occasions was only to clarify the mystical, mythical and magical notions of this process of Pranahuti that is being propagated else where as equivalent of grace, love etc.

5. Pranahuti is surely again a product of Prakrti- or the Mother Nature.

6. Pranahuti is an advanced individual’s inner divine power that is at work. I do not think we need another explanation after the work on Pranahuti which is already published.

7. It is gratifying to note that you feel development in your spiritual state due to sadhana in this system. Effort and dedication surely grants results; the wonder of Pranahuti is such that we find it gnawing into our being and slowly pushing us out of the mire in which we got stuck by our intention. Intentional consciousness if developed fully it becomes unfailing in its pursuits.