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Constant Remembrance


1. During daytime in general either at work or home, as soon as I am away from the active work, I get into constant remembrance of the Master and maintain the thought that we all are brethren connected intellectually, morally and Spiritually, with the Light of Real shining in our hearts and getting attracted to Master and Master alone with true love and devotion.
Natural Constant remembrance of the goal is one of the high conditions and I am happy you are blessed with that.

2. During day, actively trying to check the mind's ability to wander anywhere.
This is not the method of the Master. Please read again as to how to meditate and remain in constant remembrance.

3. During the past period there is a feeling of a lot of love for the Master. In between thought that I am getting away from the Master and but the feeling of intense love for the Master is becoming less pronounced yet do not find any peace without Him. There is this feeling that I want to constantly be in His rememberance and not away from Him even from a moment. When feelings sometimes get out of hand then try to submit to Him all that is in my heart.
Prayer is meant to do take care of this task. Please do read and understand what Master has to say about this.

4. I feel that constant remembrance of Master is now natural and easy by His grace. I experienced cycles of dryness (not sure if this is the correct expression) where there is an intense feeling of a great force sucking everything in. They last for days some times.
Master put it beautifully when he said that the centre is yawning towards the circumference.

5. In reviewing my diary for the past couple of months, the theme that surfaces is reverence and constant remembrance. In the summer, when I felt His Grace, I would pause, be grateful and become more aware. Now, it's almost subconscious, flows naturally and is smoothly integrated. When I'm at work, I feel everyone is tenderly wrapped in His Grace. I'm struggling to describe an energy that's almost like a slow caress.
The embrace of the divine has no tactual sensation and it is the language of the heart that enables us to understand the same. I am happy that you are in the condition of constant remembrance and that is an upward movement from the practice of constant remembrance. All His blessings.

6. These days I feel to practice constant remembrance. After meditation I am giving a suggestion that it remains throughout the day and attributing every work as duty to Master whenever I remember.
That is the correct method and its practice helps a lot in firming ourselves in the path.

7. General observations: Last 3-4 months, the feeling of dependency on Him has been more predominant. The feeling has been plain and simple. Whenever mind is perturbed for whatever reason, I am reminded of His constant company as a simple feeling within.
That is good stabilisation in the higher plane. Constant remembrance is key and you will find that remembrance takes different shapes as you progress.

8. Morning meditations range from quiet to mundane. On few occasions thoughts of wanting to be close to the Master, feelings of gratefulness. Usually after mediations feel settled & emptied of ideas.
That is good. But feeling settled and emptied of ideas relate to you as the aspirant. But we should feel the gratefulness felt during meditations even afterwards and that helps in becoming a resident in the realm of constant remembrance.

More on Constant Rememberence:

1. Man proposes Divine disposes is an old proverb that is one of the oldest wisdom sayings. It is wise to accept things as they come and keep moving on the path with relentlessness and courage. When meditating it is wisdom to acknowledge the help that we get from Master every time and that is one of the ways of constant remembrance.

2. You should never separate the state of mind during sittings and other times to know your condition. Constant remembrance helps you in this regard. In the last two or three days you have the message of the Master regarding constant remembrance. Try to meditate and know the meaning.

3. The journey to the infinity starts with the remembrance and through various stages of constant remembrance finally ends in the remembrance of our original condition from where we got away from for reasons all that not clear.