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1. I was out of station for a week and during that period I had physical ailment with muscular cramp rendering me immobile and hence could not do the Puja. Unfortunately during that spell the predominant thought has been on the ailment and not on God! Felt bad for not being enthusiastic even about Puja.
I can only share my experience. I have these cramps and muscle pulls every day and that too the cramps last over several hours. But my Masters love is such that I do attend to my sadhana and also I am useful to some extent atleast for others. Body has to be given due attention but always less importance vis a vis spirituality.

2. I feel peace again, but I cannot say if this is because the environment is changed or if it is because my condition is changed.
Could it not be both? '0' or '1'may be good for computers. Does it apply to life and more so to spirituality?

3. General thoughts: Thoughts about self improvement and improvement in following natural path. Feel need for better understanding of self.
Please follow the system as it is advised and you will find the progress yourself and we should as a rule never anticipate or expect results in spirituality.

4. After nearly two month practising in ISRC, little by little my life change. It's lighter.
When we feel lighter that means our load has been shed to some extent. Spirituality is in fact a science of becoming lighter by the day and you should be happy about your condition.

5. My Sadhana has been very periodical in the past few months. At certain weeks I was very regular and then at other weeks there was a lack interest and orientation and I was not feeling like doing meditation at all.
Since the illusory self is dominant this problem is there. Know that spirituality means the effort of life energy to succeed over inertia and this is a divine drama in which we are participants either aware or unaware. When actively participate in the sadhana of PAM we are cooperating with the Divine and that is the real meaning and happiness in life.

6. Guiding others in spirituality, though a very difficult task, has emerged like a feeling of devotion. It is new, still distant and unclear, and surprising me : I used to think that I am not able nor willing to become able for such a task in which I had no real interest, that I do not care that much about others to invest my precious time in that, and that I do not want to play the guru.
Have you ever seen a fragrant and fully blossomed flower not giving out its fragrance? We are all, I mean all the human beings, such beautiful flowers in the garden of the Lord and shall one day or the other blossom and give out fragrance. You are ripening and blossoming. Wait and see the marvels of the Lord.

7. In short, our commitment is not admitted being good and beneficent by people who surround us.
Dear brother please do note that I am in no better position. But my love for transformation and the need I felt to reciprocate the gesture of divinity in helping me accomplish such a task, has made me take very bold decisions. It is normal in any spiritual growth we go through the stages of (1) Ridicule (2) Disgrace (3) Defamation (4) Defeat (5) Disease, before we are accepted as persons of different order and values. This requires courage and discipline and Master wanted Lions and not sheep.

8. I am able to think of the master more and more.
Who are the others whom you think about in the context of spiritual life? Thoughts are context relevant and this should be understood while writing our condition. Otherwise you will end up as the Kumhar (hope you know the story)

More on Spirituality:

1. The language of feeling is learnt only when we are silent and that is the language of spirituality or God.

2. Fear of death is one of the primary fears one has to cross over in spirituality.

3. Everything has a price and so is Spirituality. Sacrifice is the logic of any endeavour. The choice is always ours. Accept everything as a divine gift and develop forbearance and fortitude. Note it is not for you to judge your efforts and no work done never goes waste.

4. True, spirituality means only sacrifice and peace and not pleasure and I am sure the work of the Master will blossom soon in the hearts of all of humanity.

5. It is necessary that you understand that progress in the spiritual path is not linear but spiral and this would mean that the stages and states we undergo have to be repeated if necessary several times till the lesson is learnt.