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This humble self felt ineffable joy on knowing Pujya Sri K.C.Narayana garu’s earnest desire that I should write a foreword for his masterly work on ‘Three Truths and Trillion doubts’ which made me feel whether I would be able to do justice to this mammoth task. However, relying on his invisible able guidance, the task is taken up.

Three Truths and Trillion doubts is a classic anthology of clarifications given by our beloved guide Pujya Sri K.C.Narayana garu on the system of Natural path aka Pranahuti Aided Meditation in two parts. This book comprising a second volume elevates us to ecstatic heights of learning and this book is a fine mélange of decades of his vast experience, graceful style and earnest expression.

The opening topic is on clarifications on Master, then leads to clarifications on Methods and finally culminates in the explanation of development of Self. The trillion doubts are all in reference to these three sterling truths underlined.

This book is a multi facet unique endeavor, where several subjects pertaining to Natural Path gracefully given by Pujya Sriramchandraji of shahjahanpur are taken up for clarifications. With Samadristi approach, the depth of each query and its implications on the progress were carefully examined and an apt answer is given by the author.

Every doubt is out rooted from the conscience of the aspirant and instilled with confidence by the author.

Every query and clarification needs to be studied and contemplated so that it can be ingrained in our consciousness, a humble attempt to put a few hereunder for the perusal of readers.


      • Dealing the subject on thoughts in meditation, the author suggests “You should not pursue the thoughts and that is what is meant by ignoring the thoughts.”

      • He goes further on method ”Please meditate as prescribed and do not justify the presence of anything however good it may for nothing is more good than the divine light.”

      • His profound statement on quality of meditation “Good meditations lead to keeping our mind constantly on the Master and it will be God Centred and self Centred.” should set the aspirant on the strong footing.

      • Another note from Him is “If we know what is the condition in advance we need not meditate at all.”

      • Exploring on Uniqueness the system “The original suggestion is already rooted in the subconscious. Thus we reduce the conscious participation allowing the Divine Light to do the rest. This uniqueness of taking work from the sub conscious mind is the secret of giving a suggestion in the beginning and leaving it there unmindful of thoughts that may arise during meditation. This is unique to Rev.Babuji’s system.”

Individual Sittings:

      • Before the trainer our approach is one of yielding and not expectation.

      • Cleaning is too tough when cooperation is vocal.

      • The outer gets easily ripened but the kernel does that slowly and only then the roots get formed.

      • Cautioning on using words the author points out “When we use divine words carelessly the impressions caused can retard our progress due to the disrespect we show to them.

      • Report after meditation to be filled by Abhyasi after an Individual Sitting is elucidated in this section.


      • On cleaning report he opines ”Are we sure that we are purified enough to keep our thoughts on the divine or are we back in worldly matters with renewed energy and emphasis are the points to be noted.”

      • He emphasizes that According to purity alone is our sensitivity and progress.

      • He asserts that Effectiveness of prayer should be judged by the changes in values and attitudes and the moral courage that develops due to that.

      • He drives home the point that Confidence is the seed for perseverance.

Determination: The author aptly puts forth a few points on the subject

      • You can not get rid off anything simply because you wish. You should make determined efforts in that direction.

      • All are eligible to realise but a few are determined.

      • Convert anger into determination and your task becomes easier.

      • Dedicate your life to the Master and then see the effect of that determination in your sadhana.


      • Any emotion is a feeling which is not contained in the heart that is the heart vessel is small for that state. But by constant practice the heart vessels capacity increases and then everything becomes balanced.

      • Love and heart go together whereas rationality and intellect go together. Only when a person repeatedly experiences the sweetness of the heart and starts understanding from the plane of unity as against the plane of the intellect namely diversity, balance gets restored.

On Universal Prayer the author takes us to the point “it is one of the best methods of having nearness to the divine.”

While answering the queries on Sriramchandra’s Commandments He emphatically states Moksha can’t be attained for asking or praying. One has to work hard towards that. Also states To know reality is relatively simple but to hold it requires perseverance, persistence and determination.

Sloth: Sloth and laziness is never wished away. They need to be resisted with will and for that God does not help as it is our duty. One who knows how to control sloth and inertia alone is equipped to move on the path with swiftness.

Revenge: Try to see Master in all those who you feel harmed you and learn lessons in life which grant peace. Then revenge can never be your option.

Spirituality: Know that spirituality means the effort of life energy to succeed over inertia and this is a divine drama in which we are participants either aware or unaware. When we actively participate in the sadhana of PAM, we are cooperating with the Divine and that is the real meaning and happiness in life.

Orientation: Keep your orientation to the goal steadily and refuse to be entertained and entangled in things of lesser importance.

Tolerance: Trials and tribulations are a part of grhasta life. Tolerance, patience and fortitude and a host of such qualities are learnt only in the school of life and not in schools.

Humility: If our lowliness is established in our mind then we can easily excuse all lapses of others. If you are not accustomed to sky watching please try to do that so that we understand our lowliness in the universe.

While reading this manuscript several times I got absorbed in the thought and it took me a long time to get back to the task.

In the ages to come the aspirants of PAM will remain grateful for this rich legacy gracefully bequeathed to us By Pujya Sir.

I strongly feel such work of noble note may yet be continued to be done by Pujya Sir for the benefit of Humanity. Pujya Sri K.C.Narayana garu like Samavarthy showed how he took up the loving cause parenting the entire abhayasi community in this work. One can feel the undercurrent of deep personal touch running throughout the manuscript.

There are several points that can be learnt from this illuminating and thought-provoking book in a way so that we can better our self evaluations, diary writing, sadhana and our ability to stick to the Three Truths.

This humble self sincerely feels that this book, verily, a treasure of profound ideas, each of which a pearl garnered for our sake, will certainly widen the ambit of our knowledge besides churning of the dross of perplexing doubts and removing the layer of impurities in us thereby enabling us to tread on the Natural path with implicit faith in Master and steadfast determination to rise ourselves to a higher plane so that we can become His effective Instruments.

Babuji Birthday Celebrations Dr. B.V.S.K. Sastry
May 2012 Fremont