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1. I attended the Babuji’s birthday celebrations California by staying there for 6 days. In all the satsangh’s, the predominant feeling is yielding. I was continuously feeling the transmission and very satisfied to be in HIS thought. Very natural feeling with awareness. I gave myself up.
On these special occasions try to keep your attention on the Master and be in his remembrance and do not bother about your progress which any way will be yours according to your deservancy.

2. Babuji’s Birthday Celebration: First day there was a dry feeling through out during all the meditation sessions. Second day felt very much absorbed and felt like soaked with intense divine feeling. If I would be right I saw a white light in the heart. The color was similar to that of white butterflies common in India.
Light is visible only when there is obstruction. Feeling of light is good but we need to go beyond.

3. Revered Babuji Maharaj Birthday Report: April24 1. A lot of mundane thoughts. Greedy thoughts 2. Experience of seeing a lot of airplanes going towards the Sun and disappearing into it after reaching it. 3. Joyous feeling at the end. Silence: 1. Thoughts that things take their time. We have to mould ourselves.
The auspicious day went off without any thought of Master and His work. So much of self centredness carry us not far off from our I ness.

4. (1) Vast feeling. Feeling of uniformity. (2) Subtle feeling. Periods of no thought condition. (3) Vibrations at occipital prominence. (4) Feeling of insignificance. Feeling that Master is everything. (5) Silence (6) Fraternal feelings and thoughts. (7) Reverence Gratitude, Happiness. Acceptance of everything as a Divine Gift.
Perhaps a better focus on the real goal. Vastness has no meaning without ones’ own insignificance; vastness by itself can also mean inflated notions of oneself.

5. (1) Feeling of overflowing Grace. (2) Feeling of devotion and gratitude.
Vague statements like this convey not much to me. The feelings of devotion and gratitude are not directly linked. Gratitude has a self centredness while devotion has to be always other centred.

6. It was Master in the emblem clearly showing light to All was the feeling during the Satsangh sir. It was all one space and Presence of Masters.
Single pointed orientation during meditation is lost when we use the word ‘masters’. This is ruinous to sadhana.

7. (Basanth): During meditation, saw a light red plain with a lotus in the middle with a jerk towards the end and then a completely black plain with a strong jerk. With the last jerk, felt that the whole brain is refreshed. After, felt lively and blissful.
They have no relevance in spirituality and is all but your imaginations. Jerks however are due to removal of hindrances due to Pranahuti and the feeling of refreshedness in the brain is all too plain a feeling felt by many beginners.

8. Sri Krishna Janmastami celebrations: (a) Morning Satsangh: In the first few minutes saw blue colour then saw a peacock feather with a golden streak. Felt lot of peace descend into my heart. Felt soaked in the grace of the Master for that one hour. Felt vibrations at the occipital prominence for most of the time. (b) The feeling of presence of Master was there through out the day, Happiness, calmness and inner silence was observed. (c) Evening Satsangh: Predominant feeling of love for Master was felt.
Your experience is of a high order and we should be grateful to the Lord for that gift. But days of celebrations if taken out singly and examined it may not reflect our true condition. The gift of the Divine should be owned up and for that we should live in the thought of the Master and Lord Krishna as the occasion is his birthday!

9. Basanth Celebrations: with the support of your kind self, felt Masters Grace all through the celebrations. There was a downpour of grace. Felt deep silence and calmness in the satsanghs. Presence of Master was felt in most satsanghs. Felt it was much easier to be oriented. Once Saw two huge doors opening leading into the vast skies.
The vision is good and I could not understand the much easily used orientation. When we do not know the real meaning it wiser to avoid it

10. Janmashtami Celebrations: Satsangh in the morning was calm and peaceful. In the afternoon: Started with the suggestion of Divine light, felt absorbed after some time.
If what you say is all that can be said of your participation in the celebrations, I must say you have no time to think of God or Master leave alone our associates. Self centred sadhana is another version of greed. Try to grow consciously.

11. Basanth Celebrations: The satsanghs were very deep and absolutely silent and calm. I do not remember any thoughts.
You are so absorbed in yourself you have no time even to observe the etiquette of respect to Master and have no words to say about the grace experienced. Self centredness is an enemy in spirituality.

12. Feeling of a soothing deep calmness, awareness of HIS presence, a happy disposition and a feeling that the Auspicious Occasion of Master’s Birthday has already begun. Absorption was felt for 10-15 mins. Before absorption, thoughts were revolving around the GOAL, Rev. MASTER and Rev. KCN Sir. After absorption, predominant feeling was silence and awareness of the company of the divine. There was a thought that during meditation, we merge in Brahman so that we develop the Yearning and we develop the attitudes and the characteristics of Brahman.
Read more about Atman and Brahman in our literature. These words are not having the same connotation as in traditional texts. We at present state are atman because we think and move in our own sphere. When our thinking and moving is in the realm of the universal we become Brahman.

13. After coming back from Bhandaras, regular in Cleaning. Missed the practice a couple of occasions.
This is due to the fact you are already full and there is no space inside to do any work. This is the experience of almost all the aspirants.

14. Just a little mail to ask you if you'll give us sittings tomorrow morning (during celebrations)?
During the days of celebration it is not proper etiquette towards Master to give or receive individual sittings. We must try to be in his thought and in his consciousness eschewing all other notions. There is a torrential pour of grace of Master these days to which you may tune yourself. I mean to say that the ritual of sitting will not be there today.

15. During Basanth Celebrations: Felt light and calmness. Had thought of a dead body being carried. Had thought of Sri Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi. Felt thankful to them. (School days I used to read books published by Ramakrishna mission for young children).
It is good that you start experiencing the transiency of life. That is the beginning of the journey.

16. I am not sure if its right attitude this time felt a pinch of pain when celebrations got concluded.
If we continue to have the presence of the Master in the heart even after the conclusion of the celebrations this problem will not be there.

17. Celebrations: (a) Jan 30: Felt empty, silent and humble. Felt Navy blue and black colours. (b) Jan 31: Felt light steadily. Felt Master in me. Until then I felt there was a feeling of separation. Had an inexpressible feeling that day and was reminded of Master’s statement. Felt gratitude and utter humility. (c) Feb 1: Felt helpless and just submitted everything. Felt wonder, bliss and happy after satsang.
These statements reveal the nearness you have with the Master and the realms beyond the Pind are becoming nearer. The perception of the color blue is confirming this also.

18. Basant Celebrations: Continuous steam of thoughts. Mostly mundane and family related. A few thoughts about sadhana. Disturbed feeling. Whether we like it or not cleaning precedes actual influx of grace. This is more acutely felt by some during celebrations while in fact that is the position in every sitting with the trainer. Have we been purified or have we got rid off undesirable elements is a point of view based on which we can say we are absorbed or disturbed. To take things positively is healthier and refreshing always.

19. Basant Celebrations: After evening satsang, felt calm. Feeling of Master's presence everywhere. Thought to feel dependence on Master during my efforts instead of focussing on the effort alone.
No other attitude than just keeping a reverential attitude to Master really matters.

20. Rev.Babuji Celebrations: May 17 morning and evening satsangs: Lot of work related thoughts. Thoughts about altercations, misunderstandings at home and associated -ve feelings. Lots of heavy jerks right to left. Felt a lot lighter at the end.
Cleansings are like this only always. Churning has its own reward.

21. Rev.Babuji Celebrations: Afternoon: Deep silence, feeling of dependency. Experience of endless green pastures. Experience of green mountains submerged in a blue sheet of water. Feeling of reverence.
These conditions are blessings of the higher regions of consciousness.

22. Rev.Babuji Celebrations: Morning: Deep calmness. Blissful state. Towards the end there was a saturated and restless feeling.
“saturated” and ‘restless” do not go together. And both these words do not go well with the word ‘blissful’. I understand your condition and you should be happy about the same.

23. Rev.Babuji Celebrations: During the days of celebrations there were feelings and thoughts regarding love and compassion for all. Feelings of contentment.
Contentment or Santushti is a very high state in spirituality.

24. Babuji Maharaj celebrations (PM Satsangh) Duration was 80 minutes and roughly after 60 minutes, I felt that the grace had stopped coming in.
Overshooting of the time happens now and then during the trainers work; it is not that grace has stopped because that is perennial. What you did not feel is the transmission.

25. Observed that only during celebration satsanghs, I feel severe nerve pulling pain in the legs.
It is true that when heavy cleaning gets done the calf muscles in particular gives pain.