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Morning Meditation


1. I have been regularly attending my morning meditation. I felt very calm, peaceful, refreshed and absorbed. Thoughts that arose during meditation have been mostly mundane in nature relating to my job (checklist of things to do) and home but consciously I tried to be unmindful of them. I was not bothered much by those thoughts.
Calm, peaceful and refreshed are all related to feelings related to our self. What is more important for us to note is whether our effort at feeling the presence of the Divine is had and what are the accompanying feelings. Though this may take some time our attention is to be towards the Divine only.

2. I feel the quiet most of the time during meditation. There were thoughts about love of the Master towards us and the feeling that he is our protector. I get absorbed in the meditation most of the days. I saw sun with red hue on the horizon and another day I saw bright sun in the blue sky. I saw a white swan once. Also one day I saw that there was something like a feet coming out of the ground. When churning takes place there is lot of froth and no one should confuse that to be butter. Froth is only an indication of things to come.

3. During meditations I occasionally experienced lull and also at times had thoughts on our system / Master. We should be attentive to our internal condition and lull is not a desirable condition.

4. Occasionally I loose total consciousness of self and surroundings and my tongue goes under the teeth on the right hand side.
This is not correct. You must try to be on the thought of the divine light without luminosity and ignore thoughts that may arise. Please consult a doctor regarding your tongue getting twisted. It should not happen; but the problem may be you may be meditating in a different way and expecting that to be in a state of lull is superior condition. Such notions are no good.

5. I used to think highly about people who snore or get completely lost while in meditation and yearn for such meditations. I am at ease even if I have 100% awareness during meditation. Of late the timings have slipped. So far during meditations I have not perceived any deeply buried thought or thought related to distant past. Almost all the time the thoughts are related to office work, the apartments or property I am buying, and domestic events. I can identify “thoughts” but I am still poor at identifying the “feelings” at that time.
A thought when emotionally tinged becomes a feeling. That you have been clearing off your stored impressions is proved by the fact you are aware of only the recent happenings. But do not think you will not get the old thoughts or even unknown thoughts during meditation or dreams. We have accumulated over many lives our impressions and they take time to be washed out.

6. After reading the Rev Master's words over and over again, the meditation on the heart is becoming natural and effortless without having to concentrate on the heart. Although mundane thoughts keep going by, they do not disturb me.
Mundane invariably relates to the first 3 Kosas and please note there is nothing wrong about them provided your mind does not run after them. We need to learn to ignore these thoughts.

7. During meditation, initially for about few minutes I usually get thoughts of what I have been doing, most of the time I try not to follow them, but some times I do go behind them unknowingly and then bring all my attention to the divine light, but whenever I get thoughts of devotion, service, or any good thoughts, may be I consciously go behind that. All these I am aware for about few minutes but later I just get absorbed or some times I know there were thoughts but really cannot recollect them. Throughout the meditation, usually I feel the vibrations and calmness and the calmness continues even after.
That is good. As you progress you will find many feelings and thoughts emerging and the various centres becoming active. Patience and perseverance are the sure means for success in any field.

8. Just after starting the meditation most times I get thoughts from the past day or two about things which need to be attended to. As I point my attention towards the divine light in 5 or 10 minutes these thoughts get reduced and I get into absorption in the thought on the divine light. When I orient myself well before the meditation I get into absorption soon after starting the meditation.
To remember a few of the thoughts relating to work or activities during the past few days is but natural tendency of the mind and since they get reduced as you report you need to ignore their arousal.

9. Some days I get very old thoughts. During meditation sometimes I feel happy, sometimes empty and at times feel like got sucked or pulled into something.
When we get thoughts which are relatively old it is a happy thing since we are getting rid off the impressions of the past. Some times we get ideas or thoughts or visions totally un-understood and they relate mostly to previous lives we have had.

10. After meditation calmness is there. Sometimes get a pleasant feeling.
The calmness or pleasant feeling are qualities of the Divine but we should remember the Divine and not His qualities. (Remembering the qualities is the realm of religion- not bad; but we need to go beyond)

11. During Morning meditation, feeling of absorption, calmness is generally felt; Love to master is felt more at times with emotion. Feeling soft at the heart; Few days felt like the grace is flowing into the chest region freely and then, that feeling stopped; Love towards others is increasing.
These are all good feelings and as you move further in the path you will lose the emotional states and all feelings will be balanced.

12. In general the grace felt nowadays are plain (No feeling of happiness).
What you mean they are not exciting. You have not read the literature of ISRC. We are not to be bothered about Torpor or Excitement. They are not meditative moods.

13. Mostly thoughts during the meditation are less and they don’t affect the absorption.
They do not affect is fine. What is this absorption that you are mentioning? Absorption in what? We need to know what are the disturbing influences so that we can rid off them.

14. Had gripped feeling some days.
Gripped feeling? Where? This is physical sensation. At that time what is the feeling? Hope you understand what I mean- try to differentiate between sensation and feeling.

15. Tickling sensation was felt in different places like back and front portion of the neck, eyelids, upper & lower lip and forehead at different times.
They can all be ignored. If they are inconvenient however you may contact a good physical/ psychiatrist.

16. Calmness prevails most of the time. But it may not be that quiet or peaceful. Barring some days, it becomes quiet during the course of meditation and at times even peaceful. Earlier this condition used to prevail almost at the end of meditation. Nowadays sometimes it becomes quite peaceful much before for a few minutes & then resumes that condition prevailing before getting that peaceful condition.
We are to note the condition at the end of the meditation and are supposed to totally ignore the thoughts during meditation. Please meditate properly.

17. Absorbency was quite high in almost all days.It became much subtler on somedays. Felt area around Divine Light narrowed down to small arena. Found in "unawareness condition" for a few seconds on a couple of days.
I do not understand what you mean by the Divine Light narrowed down to small arena. You are supposed to meditate on divine light without luminosity and what you report is your illusion.

18. Nowdays sometimes attention gets drifted away from and returns to Divine light in a few seconds. On some days it gets reapeated a few times with a time lag.
That means you are meditating all the while expecting to see the light which is not the proper method. Talk with your trainer and correct your method.

19. Thoughts come but then they gradually decline as meditation progresses except on few days. This happens on a few days in spite of attending to 'cleaning' properly on previous day.
Thoughts will come so long as we live. Dead bodies alone have no thoughts. The cleaning done on previous day need not bring thought less condition. This is simple greed and expectancy and they are not good for sadhana.

20. Thoughts used to come. At times found difficult to ignore them aside. However, most of the thoughts could not be recollected.
When you cannot remember the thoughts obviously you ignored them. How then do you say they could not be ignored? You should not pursue the thoughts and that is what is meant by ignoring the thoughts.

21. During Morning Meditation: Periods of silence followed by thoughts that Master is always with us helping us; Centered feeling with awareness of just being there without knowing where; Thoughts and feelings regarding equality of all; Thoughts regarding work, mainly related to planning; Thoughts to let go of attachment to various emotional feelings.
The way to meditate is to keep our attention on the divine light without luminosity not minding the thoughts that arise during meditation. How much of our attention is on that decides the quality of meditation. When you say that the thought of Master is always with us helping us you are in fact using plural (us) which makes it not a personal experience. Further the meditation on divine light has not any ingredient connected with helping you in various aspects of life. Please meditate as prescribed and donot justify the presence of anything however good it may for nothing is more good than the divine light.

22. During Morning Meditation: There is more naturalness; There is a plane of silence in spite of the thoughts; Sadhana related thoughts; Feelings of lowliness, gratitude; Experience of seeing a train going to the top of a snow covered peak.
All are self centred thoughts and some are materialistic. Without the accompanying feels the statements of the train or its going up the snow peak has no meaning. Materialistic notions of growth.

23. After the meditation, calmness were felt all the time.
Calmness is surely an indication of the Divine. But in what thoughts were you staying in calmness indicates your real inner condition. Try to be attentive for the same.

24. When thoughts mostly of recent nature came, I had the attitude of perseverance and I could meditate for 1 hour consistently.
Ignoring the thoughts is what you need to learn. Perseverance is not the word here: it would mean that you are reacting to the thoughts in your own way.

25. My morning meditations are completely stabilized when compared to the previous month. There was irregularity in Sadhana due to traveling back to California, jet lags and recouping to the daily life after 7 weeks of vacation in India.
The first sentence contradicts the second and in this way you really do not communicate anything. It is good that you have certified for yourself about the meditation. But there is no iota of information regarding the nature of meditation and the feelings there in. Cock also gets up earlier and crows!

26. Meditation: Thoughts of system AS IS comes and goes. The subsequent intellectual contemplation does not happen as it used to before. My involvement is feeble; Single point orientation, goal clarity, emptiness, determination in following the path are some of the other thoughts and related feelings; Many times I did not feel the passage of time; After meditation I continue for some time in meditative feeling in heart; I am not able to recollect any thought after meditation.
All these are fine. If you do not recollect it is not of much concern. But the thoughts immediately after meditation informs us of your real spiritual condition.

27. Thoughts arising during meditations are mostly initial time of meditation. None of the thoughts are disturbing the orientation towards light without luminosity; Most of the times unawareness of thoughts; The thoughts noticed were on the purpose of meditation, Ten Commandments, goal of meditation, content of the books of Institute; In some occasions thoughts related to office work but very short time during the meditation and they are not disturbing.
Be oriented to the Divine light only and these thoughts will fade out. By mentioning them in detail I understand that you were giving importance to them rather than ignoring them.

28. During this month most of the times I had an opportunity to get up early and do my puja early. During the meditations there were thoughts related to Rev. Babuji, Rev. Sir and eagerness to improve in my practice.
We are to meditate on the divine light with out luminosity in the heart. During that period entertaining other thoughts is simple waste of time and should not be confused with meditation. Learn to meditate properly.

29. There used to be few disconnected thoughts and most of times did not remember them after the meditations.
The method is to ignore thoughts that arise during meditations and your statement there were disconnected thoughts is odd in the context.

30. On few occasions I have had dream like experiences during meditation. Most of the times they seemed to be unconnected to me. There was one occasion when it was an unpleasant experience.
You are trying to play with cards too close to your chest. If you do not tell what is the content and context of these dream like states and unpleasant experiences it will be not be possible to identify the problem. You need not tell them if you do not want to but when you mention something make it something understandable to others.

31. After the puja there was feeling of lightness.
You are supposed to note the first thought that arises after the meditation to know your condition. Lightness is a statement of flight!

32. There were few meditations in which there were self-centered thoughts and I consciously tried to ignore them and think about the Master.
Self centred! What do you mean? Which aspect of your self that was dominating your thought and only when you know such details any meaningful analysis can be made. You are to ignore and not try to ignore and continue the meditation and not think about the Master. Your understanding the method of meditation appears to be poor.

33. On few occasions there were some distracting thoughts during meditations and in the day related to getting experience letters from previous employers for my green card processing, dental issues and some issues at home which caused some anger and irritation.
If you do not meditate properly this would be the result. Anger and irritation on whom? Are you sure about your goals during meditation? Your greed and desire for comforts make you lose balance.

34. Predominant feeling during Meditation was to depend on Master and to come out of worldly attachments.
Meditation should be always on the Divine Light without luminosity. This attitude of changing the method of meditation is not good for sadhana

35. In most of the meditations mixed thoughts and none of them predominant.
It is sense to ensure that the thoughts during meditation are all related to Master and His work. Otherwise it is no meditation at all.

36. I found some of the thoughts during meditations are related to that day’s saying of the Master.
You are supposed to meditate on the thoughts of the day separately and not during morning meditations. During that time your attention should be only the divine light with out luminosity. Learn the methods assiduously and practice.

37. Sir, during meditation I have noticed that the orientation towards Divine light without luminosity is continuous and centered. Most of the times there was continuous awareness and attentiveness towards divine light without luminosity. Thoughts arising out during meditation are not disturbing the orientation.
That is fine. But what are the nature of thoughts and feelings when you meditate on the divine light? They give clues to your condition.

38. POINT B and Morning meditation: Sir, during meditation I have noticed that the orientation towards Divine light without luminosity is continuous and centered and thoughts arising are not disturbing the orientation.
This is a happy thing to note and we should accept everything as a gift of the Divine.

39. Sir, in some meditations I felt that I am sitting in the company of Master through the meditation and feeling the presence of Master; Sir, feeling that Master presence exists in all and we should see Master in all; Sir, in some meditations I felt a feeling that I am waiting helplessly for Master; Sir, feeling of that relations and things are transitory in nature; Sir, feeling that I should not cling to worldly attachments and it should be only with Master; Sir, felt lightness and emptiness in some occasions.
If they are your feelings it is very good. If they are what you call attitudes then it is only preparation and not condition. Do not confuse with words and their meanings as miscommunication is possible then.

40. Trying to hold the thought of Light without Luminosity as far as possible. Still to achieve.
You say your compliance to the commandment 1 is good and yet say that you are trying to hold the thought of Light without Luminosity. Were you at any point of time asked to hold that thought. Were you not told repeatedly that you should give suggestion that the Light is there and proceed with the meditation. If you do not leave the odd notions of achieving something and yield to the presence of the divine light within you there is little help that you can get in this system.

41. During morning meditations, I am experiencing inner silence. The attitude is one of natural inclination with a feeling of dedication to the Master. But on the surface several thoughts are there which are mostly pertaining to mundane activities. The fleeting thoughts appear not to be in my conscious control. Earlier the intensity was more but now it has slightly reduced. I am not able to know the reason.
The way of your meditation is wrong. Why should you attempt to consciously control the fleeting thoughts? When they are fleeting as you say what is the need to hold them which are going off. You have some anticipated condition in your mind and the problem is that only. If you meditate on the divine light without luminosity the problem should not be there.

42. For the last two weeks, during Morning Meditations, I have been consciously trying to delink from the thoughts of office and orient more to the Master which is improving now.
I do not think that is the method given to us to follow and for your innovations, you are responsible. The Brahmin in you tries to be always a doer and that is the problem. Learn at least now to meditate properly as advised by the institution on the lines given by the Master.

43. The predominant thought about self is that let it exhibit or represent the Master as Thy willeth. I have just started to understand and perceive the thoughts pertaining to the concept of Kshetra and Khsetrajna. Let this be His field is the predominant thought.
The words of Gita which are quoting I think do not find place in the works of the Master. Even if it does I think your understanding of the same is rather poor. Understand the system as given by the Master rather than fooling yourself with odd and pseudo scholarship.

44. Now I am meditating every day between 6AM to 7AM Attending to point B meditation and continuing with meditation proper. There is a feeling of helplessness.
Helplessness as a general condition is good and it is not good when we are in meditation because at that time we are in the presence of the Master consciously. Kindly note the difference.

45. During Morning Meditations, the predominant feeling is, as if I am in a sheet of calmness with a feeling of coolness deep inside and tranquility. Also there is a feeling of expansion with a feeling of lightness, purity and remembrance of the Master.
It is not clear whether this is on a particular day or what you felt during the months in general. Anyway they are good conditions though no clear cut conclusions can be drawn about your condition based on this material.

46. The feeling of restlessness for the Goal is so intense that the experiences during meditation are not charming to the heart.
This attitude is anti-spiritual and should be curbed at all costs as it borders on ingratitude. Learn to receive what ever you get with gratitude.

47. Morning meditation: Vertical expansion felt (Mahat or swadharma?) Sookshmana sareer filled with light.
Vertical expansion of what? If it is an internal condition of feeling as if expanded it is alright or otherwise it is sheer folly in thinking. The expansion has nothing to do with Mahat which is a principle of evolution and refers to the stage after Prakrti. The vertical expansion has nothing to do with Sookshma sareer. Do not waste your sadhana in these silly notions but try to keep your mind on the Master as far as possible.

48. Morning meditation progressed quite smoothly starting with the spontaneous idea that I am His body; a feeling of vastness coupled with transcendent peace, clear idea of His company and prayer for total mergence in Him were there. There was awareness of union but there was also this desire that some degree of separation or duality to be there for admiration and obeisance of the Divine Beloved. There is the feeling of ‘one’ and ‘two’ prevailing at the same time as if it were one or the other state coming into view depending on the emphasis given to it. We may say it is union in separation and vice versa both coexisting in harmony.
When we try to imitate the Divine, words surely have no place. One has to become deaf and dumb too and then the messages of Silence are heard in the heart. Language is one of the barriers which we have to cross as it has an uncanny capacity to captivate in its flowery flow. Awareness of dependency is a gross condition though much poetry and slokas have into world literature.

49. During Meditation, the attention was on heart beat where a synchronous rhythm with the gentle pulsations at the occipital prominence.
The alleged synchronicity between heart and occipital prominence is a sheer illusion and you are advised to meditate as prescribed rather than imagine things.

50. During Meditation, felt void state.
Void is not a state. When we enter into that condition there is no duality and the question lost into nothingness etc., expressions are unhealthy imaginations. You are advised to refrain from imaginations.

51. Morning meditations: Feeling a thread of silence running parallel amidst the thoughts that come and go. The thoughts at times are related to sadhana or impending tasks of the day. I am learning the aspect of waiting on Him. Generally there is a lightness of being after meditation and a charge over the body. Point B meditation has a melting feeling on the heart that steadies the meditation on Divine Light.
These are normal condition we feel during meditations.

52. During the second half, after meditations felt humility, obedience to Master and a subtle emptiness after meditations.
The key word is humility and we should practice it always.

53. Commandment 1, I rate as good. Morning meditations at around 7:30 AM. Felt lighter and calm. On many days, felt head bending down and had a doubt whether it is absorption or sleep. Had a concern about how to develop alertness. Feeling of serving attitude to Master on some days. Some of the days, felt absorption for the first half and there were thoughts during the second half with no feeling.
You rate yourself as good in the matter of compliance of this commandment which states you should rise before dawn and offer prayer and say simultaneously that you meditate at 7:30 A.M. That is your wisdom. You are supposed to meditate on the divine light without luminosity and not have concern about to keep alertness etc. Serving attitude or other attitudes have no place during meditation; they are the traits to be developed in our daily living. Absorption in what and thoughts on what without knowing these no comments can be made.

54. Felt restless about progress. On few days, had a feeling of nothingness for few moments by His Grace. After meditations, felt lighter.
I have already several times clarified that the word “Nothingness” cannot be used loosely and it is please note a blasphemy. Feeling lighter or heavier arises only in the case of cleaning and not as an effect of meditation. Good meditations lead to keeping our mind constantly on the Master and it will be God Centred and self Centred.

55. During Morning meditations, felt deep calmness on some days. Oneness is felt on some days.
Oneness with what and how do you delineate the same? Are you sure you are out of all the Five Kosas influencing you? Be truthful in assessment.

56. This month, during meditations, felt various unknown/ vague impressions (work related, undue attachments) going out during the meditations. Sometimes they were disturbing during the meditation. After the meditation didn’t remember them.
When devotion ripens you will feel a perceptible change.

57. During Morning Meditations, Deep silence and stillness is observed; Feelings of being balanced is observed; Feelings of master is God and the only power to bring me upto the Ultimate stage are there; Feelings of love and devotion towards master have increased.
All these statements are good. But it is not clear whether you had all these four feelings on all days or were they on different days. It cannot be that you have had no other thoughts and you had only these thoughts all the time. There is need to be clarity in expressing your state of mind during meditations.

58. During Morning meditation, felt going into hitherto unknown depths with deep calmness; Deep Silence is being observed; Blankness.
Watch out whether this is not just stupor. The best way to know that is to note the thought immediately after the meditation.

59. Somedays there are lot of thoughts that are going out, I am able to ignore many. But thoughts of work to be done, work not done and mistakes that have been committed persist.
Ignoring does not mean you will not have them. You have them therefore you ignore. Learn to meditate properly.

60. Have been regularly meditating in the morning. During meditations the thought of master is there predominantly which is giving peace and calmness.
When were you meditating and how long – these count much to evaluate. What is the feeling towards the Master and what is the relative importance to various situations? These thoughts of Master which you say gave you peace is fine. But what is the aspect of Master that you are talking about. If it is peace giver, then you are still self centred.

61. During Meditations, Once saw light blue colour; Once felt as if a big load was removed from my heart; Once felt a lot of tension was removed.
These are fine. But what does it reflect? Can you see the point that these are all relating to Annamaya Kosa?

62. Meditations have been deep.
Meditations are on the theme of Divine light without luminosity. We can get absorbed in it or be diverted away from it. I donot understand what you mean by deep. It is always better to use terminology used by the Master.

63. I felt most of the days lighter and confident. There was absorption with moments of deep silence. Several days there were devotional thoughts and felt the love of the Master. There were few days when I lost the awareness totally. I felt intense and painful sensation on the right side of the chest; I also feel the coolness in that part. Few days I felt as if I’m traversing through something within me. One day I felt that the landscape was expanding inside me. I saw a burning flame having yellow color once. One day I saw brownish yellow and green color. One day I felt that I was pushed into a dark tunnel.

64. Typically, during meditation or Satsangh, my sense of time passes quickly. In the past few months, however, I've had several occasions where it feels like 30 minutes have passed, but in reality it was only 10 minutes. I suppose this doesn't seem very strange, but since it is new to me, I decided to inform you.
When we move out of the spheres of earth, water and fire we enter the realms of the air and ether. These are beyond the domains of space. Time is no more an awareness of the clock time but the time which has no connection with the speed of light. This is not also to be confused with the psychological time though that may also be a partial truth in this regard.

65. Occasionally during meditation, I feel a flow something like the creation of the infinity symbol. It gently weaves back and forth like infinity. While conducting last week's Satsangh, I felt/heard "Om" vibrating in my entire body. I got the sense that we were resonating with our original, Divine Source. Later in the same Satsangh, I felt the presence of Master(S)' assistance. Babuji's presence was felt, but I got the sense that others were with us, but I didn't know who they were.
This we may take it as your way of experiencing the condition of Anahad when the entire organism vibrates with the divine current.

66. During meditation I dont see (feel? recognize?) divine light without luminosity. Is it normal?
If you see then it is not the divine. Divine by definition is beyond all sensory knowledge. You should be feeling and may not be recognizing and that is because of our odd notions of what God or divinity is. He is our Sap and how can anyone be not aware of Him?

67. Meditation: It depends on the connection in the heart. When it is not there, I am just sitting as I said.
Expectancy is what makes you state these things. We have to meditate on the Divine light in the heart and ignore all the thoughts that may arise and go. It should be obvious that if we know what is the condition in advance we need not meditate at all. Kindly practice as prescribed. You should be feeling so many thoughts and ideas floating in your head. Try to know to what realms they relate to: regarding the body, your pleasures, your ideas and ideologies or aspirations or the Master and thoughts related to Him. These give clues as to which realm you are moving in. Kindly read Rev.Babuji’ works and practice as prescribed.

68. After meditation I feel relieved, happy and calm.
This is the real indicator of the quality of meditation we have and that is good.

69. During meditation I feel calm and peaceful. Sometimes I get absorbed in mundane thoughts and not able to consciously ignore them.
Whether we consciously ignore or they simply fry out does not matter so long as they do not pester us during and after meditation. It is always the lightness in the heart that is the index of good meditation.

70. I feel steadiness during meditation. After meditation I feel I should spend more time in reading Rev Master’s works and Commandments.
It will be good if you can grant a concrete shape to what you feel.

71. After meditation or satsangs one should note down the first thought they get. I am not trying to follow that as I feel whatever thought I get immediately after meditation may not be true as to what I felt. I have a feeling that it can be any thought from past expectations or books I read.
That is not proper. On any day it is only your thoughts you know and it might be related to the past (success or failure and consequent joy or depression) or about the future (which relate to plans and fears and consequent hopes and worries). Very few live in the present. If the meditation was one done in the present it indicates our present condition. If it relates to either the past or the future it will give a clue about the Kosas that are in play. Kindly read the book on Five Kosas of Imperience. When Master has advised a method to ignore it and taking methods according to our resourcefulness not only indicates the self centred approach but also the rather casual way in which the advise of the Master is taken. I need not say that is not conducive to proper orientation to the divine.

72. For past two months during meditations, sitting and satsangs, I am having thoughts of past – that happened long back.
That is the way our impressions get washed out. Those which are deep and tough get repeated also and you can safely ignore all of them.

73. For some days had crowded thoughts of recent past. Had thoughts of unfinished tasks at home. I felt light and restless.
These are normal thoughts that arise during meditations and you accept them as they come and try to feel the presence of the divine in the heart.

74. Last two months, I had thoughts of school work and day-to-day activities.
Work while you work and play while you play is a principle of life. We should attend to meditation when we are meditating and ignore all other thoughts that may arise during that period.

75. Most of the days felt there’s no life with out Rev. Master. Through the month of June, after noting the general condition after meditation, I wrote in my diary, seeking help from Rev. Master to treat all school work as duty. Not sure why I wrote but had strong confidence and faith in Rev. Master when I put forth.
All work done without attachment is only duty to the Divine.

76. Felt light, simple silence and simply content and happy with what is given. Some days felt serenity and chillness on top of the head. Felt expansion and yearning. Had thoughts of past and recent past. Saw 2 birds flying in the air happily.
The symbolism of two birds is a Vedic one and its esoteric meaning is that we are having the company of the divine/master always. It gives us confidence to pursue the path with love and devotion.

77. Thoughts are on; School – planning on what to do next; Recent past; Sometimes thoughts of in-laws when some situations arise. During such times I do try to read about Commandments and accept that it’s my own making.
If you kindly remember that during meditation we are in the company of the divine, the type of thought that arise during mediation will vary.

78. Felt light, expansion and empty at times after meditation. Had thoughts of past. Sometimes recent past and sometimes quite past. Felt like being silent and felt obedient. Felt chillness all over. After meditation felt lowly and light most of the days. For past few days I am feeling little heavy after meditation.
Neither feeling chill nor feeling heavy after meditations are good. Try to meditate on the divine light keeping always behind the thought of our beloved Master.

79. Mostly had continuous disconnected thoughts. Had thoughts of past and recent past. Felt light after meditation. In another month, mostly had thoughts of recent past and sometimes incidents of the past. Once felt very light and as if in a still state. Mostly felt light and deep silence.
The presence of the thoughts or otherwise is not the criteria to determine the quality of meditation. It is how much of these thoughts relate to the goal. If you find time read the article of the Master on this subject.

80. Before whenever I feel the grace of Master, I used to feel very emotional during sittings and satsangs. I am not sure how to put it in words but I feel these days I am not holding on to that emotion during meditation and learning to just sit silently.
Excitement (which you call emotion) and torpor are the two things we should eliminate in sadhana and your condition is very good from that aspect.

81. Sometimes had thoughts of Pujya Babuji and an aspiration to be like Him and to be cynosure of His eyes.
I am confident that you will achieve your desired goal.

82. Meditations: Thoughts to have more determination and perseverence.
Determinations and decisions are taken before meditation and during meditation we try to keep our thought firm on Divine light.

83. Meditations: Somedays there is a lack of orientation and dull state after the meditation.
The difference between quiet and dullness needs to be understood.

84. Meditations: Simple, uniform feeling with thoughts about purity.
That is a fortunate condition and think how many times we have such conditions.

85. Meditations: Feeling of insignificance.
That is a quantum leap from self centeredness and we should be grateful to Master.

86. Meditations: Increasing silence and naturalness.
Real blessing of high order. May this increase further.

87. Meditations: Frequency and intensity of thoughts has reduced and there are longer periods of silence. There used to be a lot of anticipitation and mental effort. This has significantly reduced; Feelings of dependency and devotion; Very light feeling with loss of body consciousness.
These are good symptoms of progress and these feelings will refine and become part of your being in due course.

88. Some days there is dull sate with lack of steadiness. Most of the meditation is spent chasing mundane household and work related thoughts.
Try not to chase the thoughts but learn to ignore them.

89. I have been given more responsibility at work with a tight schedule. Lot of thoughts have been coming regarding this.
It is natural but our steadfastness in meditating on the divine light will overcome this problem.

90. Work related thoughts in the beginning of meditations.
If the supposition to meditate on the divine light without luminosity is given properly at the beginning of meditation this should not arise in the beginning of meditation. Thoughts like this may arise during meditation as the mind is not yet settled on the object of meditation. If you keep the heart where it beats to be the object then this may also not arise.

91. Awareness of thoughts leaving but content was not known. Remembrance of Rev. Master and Rev. Sir was there. Felt steady feelings of calmness and plainness.
That is good sensitivity but once the process is known and understood it makes little sense to continue to note these details.

92. During Meditations: On a couple of occasions, I got into torpor and I was unaware that I was following thoughts.
Torpor and awareness that you are following the thoughts do not go together. Be candid in your writing.

93. During Meditations: When I suddenly got awareness that I am supposed to meditate, I paused a few minutes and restarted the meditation.
There is no need for freshly starting the meditation but if you are aware that you were meditating it is enough as the original suggestion is already rooted in the subconscious. Thus we reduce the conscious participation allowing the Divine Light to do the rest. This uniqueness of taking work from the sub conscious mind is the secret of giving a suggestion in the beginning and leaving it there unmindful of thoughts that may arise during meditation. This is unique to Rev.Babuji’s system.

94. During Meditations: Feeling of a soothing deep calmness, awareness of HIS presence; Feelings of unconditional love for Master felt from the bottom of the heart predominantly; Deep feelings of love and devotion to Master. Pious thoughts were predominant in the beginning. Thoughts related to work and fiancé were present for some time. Amidst everything, feelings of calmness and balance were felt throughout till the end; Got very late for meditation but was compelled to do as I felt that I need to develop giving the utmost priority to God and Master first. Deep feelings of love and devotion for Master. Pious thoughts and feelings of union with Master was deeply felt. Deep attachment with Master was predominant feeling.
These are feelings which promise speedy progress in the path. Attachment to Master is first relationship that needs to be fully cognized and duty to realise is our first priority. Once these are established in our hearts the remaining portion of the work is a matter of time.

95. Morning meditation has varied. Some days a lot of ache, pain & lack of inclination and a tendency to get up prematurely & then sitting and continuing. Other days more settled & quiet.
The tendency to get up prematurely should be curbed with a determination that your reaching the goal is more important than sloth and ignoring body aches.

96. Meditations: In general I get up earlier & sit in time more frequently. Some days I have a lot of thoughts & other days not much. After meditation I feel quiet & reminded of the Master's path.
That is good; thoughts will be there and it is only the nature of thought that matters.

97. Meditations in general are quieter. On a few occasions thoughts of service & the Master but more often mundane passes by.
Please ignore the thoughts that arise during meditation and see whether you feel calm and peaceful after meditation.

98. Felt momentarily absorbed. Felt quiet. Felt centered. Some days thoughts of goal, sadhana, prayer. Some days thoughts of career, finance, competition and mundane things from immediate past days.
I am not able to understand much from these notings. You write that you were momentarily absorbed, quiet, centred. It will be better if you are clear about the states and take pains to record them. The remaining two sentences above indicate nothing of your condition during meditation and other such practices but statements about purely materialistic problems. There is a time for everything. We should think about finance, career etc., But to do so during meditations only indicates no clarity regarding the activities. Work while you work, play while you play is an old saying.

99. I discovered that during morning meditation, I spent a long time with thoughts and could only "dive" deeply the last 5 minutes. I understood the necessity to meditate one hour.
Please meditate as advised on the divine light without luminosity ignoring all thoughts. If you chase the thoughts as you seem to suggest you will never meditate but only brood.

100. Morning Mediations: My regularity in doing morning meditation has dropped as I came into the grips of sloth and Indolence and in addition to it my Ill health suffering from severe allergies did not cooperate.
I am reminded of Pandit Nehru saying that “I am not interested in excuses and explanations. I am interested in knowing what is done for the good of the Nation.” I may not be quoting him properly as I heard this in my X class and retain only the wisdom and not the words. If that is useful to you I shall be happy and naturally you too should be.

101. Doing regularly. Feel masters grace during meditation and feeling continues for some time. Sometimes during meditation feel there is a state beyond where there is total freedom but do not enter that state.
It is necessary that we have to learn the lesson of waiting and patience and particularly so during meditation. Then we gain many things about which we never knew earlier. Seeking is not a good condition of prayer. Please do read the Commandment 2 and its commentary by our beloved Babuji Maharaj.

102. Generally, I start my morning meditation between 6:00 to 6:30. For the first 2 weeks, I felt home sick & the thoughts about my family were bothering me very much during my meditation.
This is but natural in your case as you are away from Home and parents.

103. Before morning meditation, I pray & do point B meditation. Occasionally, I viewed sight of KCN Sir.
Please always keep the divine light without luminosity as the object of meditation; then no sight or picture will come before you. We have to go beyond form and name and keep this in view always.

104. Most of the times feel calm and subtle. Certain times felt like expansion of body. Feel lightness both physically and sensational. Sometimes feel disturbed due to physical pain of body.
I understand this is what you feel during meditations. Kindly note that expansion in spirituality means only expansion of consciousness which means we are becoming sensitive to things beyond our body and mind. Feeling light during meditation is good and is indicative of the influence of Pranahuti in the system.

105. After Meditation: Somedays during meditation I observed as witness that many impressions were moving out. But immediately after meditation I observed calmness and emptiness with very good balance.
No one need bother about the refuse that is discharged and one should note only the ease one gains.

106. General thoughts: Thoughts are related to self with respect to sadhana and also related to improving and orienting myself for better and better service to fellow beings in field of health through my job as well as after working hours.
These are good; but you should think about the Divine light during meditations and not entertain other thoughts and ideas.

107. Morning Meditation: Thoughts are coming but it is not disturbing my meditation; After my morning meditation I am feeling calm and light.
Beginners say all these things. What is required to be noted is whether our detachment to worldly matters reduced in intensity and our love and dedication to the Master increased. Also the extent of surrender to His will that is developing are to be noted. To say all these things are there is not proper because at various points of time in life we are faced with problems that demand implementing these spiritual qualities and that is no child’s’ play.

108. Aspiration to stabilize in Sri Ramchandra consciousness. This was felt as Master giving a room in His heart and now it is incumbent upon me to loose myself in His heart.
The feeling is good but it is charged with lot of emotion. It is better that we think of making our vessel (heart) larger and larger and invite Him to get enshrined there. That way it is easy to meditate on the divine light in the heart.

109. Is it true that we mustn't meditate in public places (airports, planes)?
If meditation is prayer no one can forbid us from doing the same in any place. However the places like airport, railway station, bus stand, market place are crowded and the noise levels are high which does not permit us to meditate in the strict sense of the term. We can sit quiet and be in the thought of Master anywhere. I may inform you that our beloved Master Rev. Babuji Maharaj gave Satsang some times in the railway station and airport. The one which I attended at Ahmadabad was very deep and absorbing. Thank you for making me remember the incident which occurred in 1980.

110. Throughout the meditations it has been silent, and sometimes it was silence with awareness. There was a yielding attitude and I was able to disown thoughts.
You cannot disown your thoughts. They are yours. You need to ignore them. They may still persist and you should persist in ignoring them.

111. There is a recurring thought during my sadhana and this thought is presistent throughout the day. All my efforts to find a job have been fruitless and this is affecting my sadhana very much. I am not able to come out of this feeling which is also affecting my confidence, and is contributing to many other side effects. I would like to know how to approach this situation, I need help.
I donot know what is the problem of employment in your place and these things are not in any way connected to sadhana. If you get thoughts related to job during meditation that means that you are not doing the meditation as advised. You are supposed to meditate on the divine light without luminosity ignoring all thoughts. If you do not ignore those thoughts it is but natural you feel disturb. The thoughts do not disturb any one it is the only we who disturb ourselves.

112. Feeling of void, subtle and silence after meditation.
You may kindly note to use the word Void loosely is not proper.

113. Many times I felt meditation reaching depths of my heart. But at times I did feel as if HIS thoughts stays on surface and some uncomfortable feeling was felt as if yearning for deeper feeling. At such times, I took it as is and I was not putting any effortful meditation. Also sometimes there was some pressure as if I am moving up a mountain although I could not identify concrete thoughts at such times. Within days, I was feeling a sigh of relief again with no associated thoughts.
Due to sensitivity you are able to feel this shade and that is good. Resignation to the will of the Master is a learning of several lessons.

114. Attitudes: Sir, Most of the times the thoughts are related to sadhana. In many occasions the thoughts are that how I should improve my attitudes which could be hindrance to express myself better and do service of the Master. During the hectic official days I observed thoughts of those nature are coming initially, sometimes day to day activity thoughts but these are not disturbing my mediation.
Pious wishes for betterment during meditations are a clear waste of time. You are requested to maintain the thought of the Divine light in the heart and ignore all else. You are to only note the predominant thought immediately after meditation which reflects your condition.

More on Morning Meditation:

1. It is good that you are able to meditate now a days and that you should continue not minding the past. A sincere prayer never goes unanswered may be it takes time for us to know the answer.

2. You should know it is not the quantum but quality of work that matters. What is the nature of thoughts and what is the centre of attention during meditation decide about the progress we make in sadhana.

3. You should ignore the thought that arise during meditation and not worry about them. They should not be deterrent factor to do sadhana. Do not evaluate the quality of meditation based on these thoughts.

4. The formation of samskaras can be reduced only by the evaporation of thoughts during meditation.

5. Meditate on the divine light in the heart and not allowing your attention/mind/ consciousness to get distracted from divine light which is not visible.

6. Changeless condition is the most desired and I feel happy that you are moving towards that end.