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Individual Sittings


1. Individual sittings: Sometimes I feel that transmission is very intense. Sometimes I feel that cleaning is happening. Sometimes I go into absorption state. Occassionally I get thoughts on Master's messages. I feel calm after the sitting. Sometimes I get all worldly thoughts. Sometimes I don't feel anything and don't get any thoughts for few minutes.
Since the mind is in a state of Ekagravrtti that is thinking about the Master and related subjects and only rarely you get worldly thoughts you should be grateful for the blessings of the Master.

2. In one sitting 5 mins before meditation I had a feeling that it was over, and I could not get back to meditation after that.
If you feel the sitting is over before the time it matters little. You should continue to meditate as prescribed.

3. Individual Sittings: I felt oneness with Master, it was calm and silent. I felt silent throughout with mild thoughts. For one sitting I could not get into meditation at all. Couple of times I felt meditation ended early and could not get back into meditation after that.
You were with a trainer when you took individual sittings. We should meditate on the divine light in our heart and there is no point in saying that we could not get back into meditation. Before the trainer our approach is one of yielding and not expectation.

4. I have been regularly attending Individual sittings with my trainer. I feel the flow of Pranahuti in the sittings and satsanghs and felt a state of absorption with deep calm, blankness and silence which remains for most of the day. In the recent sitting I saw a bright Orange burning flame that lit the entire room.
Good. That is the beginning of the journey and is auspicious.

5. Sir, in one of the recent sitting I saw a bright blue burning flame that lit the entire sky. Also in one of the Individual sitting I felt a state where I was in this place which was extremely calm and perfectly balanced and felt the planets moving in this big void and extremely silent place.
If you are using the word Void instead of Space it is alright for me to understand. Void is void and does not allow any symbols or even experiences. Perhaps your experience relates to high aspiration as suggested by the blue flame. That you felt balanced is the most important factor.

6. During one sitting my Trainer told me that he had taken a lot of time to clear some material obstruction. It was only one time and after that I found from him that the cleaning time he is taking is back to normal. I am yet to remain and feel the post-sitting condition throughout the day even though I do give a suggestion to myself for the same.
The opacity of the layers around us slowly gives way to the transparency when the inner and outer would become one.

7. Individual Sitting: During the sitting, initial few minutes I get some thoughts related to what I have been doing so far, some times I get some old thoughts and feel the flow of energy for few minutes then I usually get absorbed, towards the end I just feel light, there is some kind of calmness, some times there is happy feeling, some times I feel I should improve my sadhana.
That you have an inclination to go to individual sittings itself is an improvement in sadhana. Many do not realise its importance. The Master always works through a human being whom we call a trainer. During individual sittings our attitude should be one of waiting on God/Master and receive whatever we may get.

8. In the sitting after my trip abroad, I have experienced lot of noise. After the meditation I felt calm. My trainer had advised me to do point A and Point B regularly, and I have been doing these practices regularly there after.
The trainer is right and you should follow the system systematically if you want the desired results.

9. The support given during the individual sitting is felt at the heart. The calmness, peace and happiness seem to come more easily during sittings than during individual meditation.
That is the good work your trainer is doing in bringing you closer to the Master.

10. Individual Sitting: Sometimes meditation seems like a dream with unrelated thoughts.
Neither the dreams are unrelated nor the thoughts during the meditation are unrelated; they are things which we have suppressed or repressed in the process of forgetting. Everything gets cleaned out before we acquire our original state.

11. During individual sittings condition is always balanced & stable also sometimes feel absorbed. On the day when felt absorbed feels like 30 mins is very short. It also helps to resolve many problems or issues that I face at office or home.
It is good that you feel balanced and stable during individual sittings. Pranahuti has that effect and it is gratifying that the trainers are doing good work. Please do inform the trainer to whom you go for individual sittings.

12. I felt my trainer helped me to move upward in the Zig-zag path (Pind-desh) during individual sittings. Initially I felt some back pressure and vibrations while moving in the zig-zag path and then my consciousness become subtle and subtler. I felt gloriousness in the Pind-desh region at the end of meditation. I felt prominent feelings at knot-3. It is not all that simple as you say. I am sure you did not discuss with your trainer. The path is ofcourse zigzag but the yatra or movement is from one knot to the other and at a time no one takes up more than one knot.

13. Frames type of screens appeared with dull light for 1-2 minutes and then disappeared. It happened once or twice in morning meditations also.
I do not understand what you mean. But I may say you should note the feelings rather than the visual or auditory perceptions.

14. Report after Individual sitting: (a) First thought/feeling after meditation: No specific thought or feeling was there. It was blank. (b) Predominant thought/Feeling during meditation: No predominant feeling or thought was there. They were just flowing by. (c) Nature of predominant thought: No Predominant thought was there. (d) Any other significant point/observation: None. (e) Content of thoughts during meditation: Do not recall the contents.
The main point to note in meditation is whether we are centred or not. Centred means how we are related to Master during this period. If you remember this point not only your meditation would improve but also you will have enough to report about your real condition.

15. Thoughts about improving my consciousness and owning up conditions bestowed are felt ; Thoughts about being firm in practice irrespective of external circumstances and situations
Kindly note willing is not wishing and if wishes were to be horses you can fly to heavens! Gird up your loins is what Master said: cleaning is too tough when cooperation is vocal.

16. Felt the white stream of light at heart was extending to the top of head.
Seeing Light as you describe in the heart and the head are alright but they bear no significance in this system. From light to gray is the path and that requires pruning down of ego considerably.

17. Absorbed for most of the time. Towards end remembrance of ‘Abhang’ of Saint Tukaram meaning ‘O God, please bless me with your constant remembrance’.
Though you have crossed already the centre of devotion, devotional themes and songs of others, cross consciousness because of attachment. In fact gross forms of worship give us most problems.

18. Absorbed with awareness of awareness of nothing. Dependancy on Master.
If there was just absorbedness in the awareness of nothing where comes this dependency? They are mutually exclusive. Kindly be candid in expressing the feelings.

19. During Individual sitting: A few thoughts on relieving myself from all works and total submission to Master.
We can never get rid off the works and remembrance of the Master and all other methods of sadhana should go hand in hand with works. Efficiency in the discharge of works is the crux of yoga. Such abberations in your thinking needs to be corrected. The outer gets easily ripened but the kernel does that slowly and only then the roots get formed.

20. During individual sitting: (a) Predominant Thought: All is Master’s. Nothing is left in me to surrender. (b) Predominant Feeling: Presence of Rev Sir and feeling of security. Waiting for instructions.
Till the idea of surrender is lost surrender is not complete.When you have left your care to Him what more should be suggested?

21. Nature of predominant thought: Oriented to service towards all brothers and sisters. Peace shall prevail. I represent our Master in physical form to carry out Master’s instructions.
Since all forms and names are illusions it is always He that works and enjoys.

22. Any other significant point / observation: Grey colour with tinge of light blue seen twice.
That is good indication of having the grace of God.

23. Sittings: Feelings of insignificance and lowliness before Him. Feeling His pervasiveness everywhere. Felt cleaning of chit. Aspiration to be in Just & Balanced state.
Do not put yourself in any anticipatory state of mind. Just yield and sit for individual sittings.

24. Thought of master was there for most of the time, thought about the whole universe came to mind, vibrations at the top of the head and behind the head were there for quite some time. Was aware most of the time but for a few minutes I was not aware of the time or space and suddenly I realized I was sitting in front of your kind self. There was a gripped feeling and deep calmness was felt.
Thought of Master is a vague phrase. In what aspect was the thought centred on when known it gives a glimpse of understanding of the condition. Thought of the whole universe is again another phrase with no definite meaning. Please do not waste words. Black out is a common condition even for beginners. Had you but given the info in the proforma you could have been more candid and clear.

25. Individual Sitting: Feeling of dependency on master, He and He is the only goal. Thought of your kind self brought tears to my eyes but it was joyful.
Emotions and feelings have their own value but against the back drop of the Real Goal that we are to arrive it they only show that the vessel of the heart is too small to hold such feelings. In other words it means that the feelings have not become natural. Usually people consider such states of tears etc., as superior and that is a fallacy to which we cling to at the cost of not progressing further in the path.

26. Individual Sitting: Feelings of surrender were there, saw myself falling at the feet of the master. Feelings of love of a mother towards her child, saw a mother bathing her child, a cow licking her calf, the thought at that time was “people know of mothers love, they do not know of master’s love”. Feeling of being in a temple and master being God.
You are still in the realm of matter and form. Formless is the Master and your dreamy states shows only fixation at the lower level of bhakti and not your true status in the higher regions. Try to own up the condition by living in the thought of the omnipervasive Master rather than a Master with a form and name.

27. Individual Sitting: Felt vibrations beyond Sahasrara continuously.
You do not know what Sahasrara is. Therefore using that word is not proper. You may perhaps mention that you felt sensations at the top of the head and beyond too. When we use divine words carelessly the impressions caused can retard our progress due to the disrespect we show to them.

28. Individual Sitting: Started with a feeling of gratitude towards the Divine for having given such a wonderful guide. Calmness was felt later. Towards the end happiness was felt.
Every one has his duty to discharge and I do that and shall you. Working for others gives immense joy when it is done as a service to Master; this thought being maintained all through.

29. Individual Sitting: First saw a black coloured cloth like thing covering me and later being removed, later two more layers were removed. Thought was centered on the divine light.
Self centredness is the only feeling I get when I read your report. Neither the mention of the Master or your trainer is there and this is not conducive for progress.

30. Individual Sitting: First few minutes felt body swaying forward and backward, then saw a pink unopened lotus about three times, later saw myself at the feet of my guide “Sastanga Pranamam” posture with a feeling of surrender.
Imaginations are of no use. Try to let things go before you start talking about surrender.

31. At the end of transmission, I felt/saw a white, vibrating vertical current. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Thank you.
Your vision of the vertical vibrating white current I presume is internal. In such a case you should be grateful to Master for the blessing of purification. It is not as though the process of purification is over but it does indicate that what we call Nadi Shuddhi has happened. If that column is outside you we may take it as indication of the presence of the divine.

32. Is it advisable to meditate alone while receiving individual sittings?
It is always advisable to meditate alone while receiving individual sittings.

33. Thank you for your explanation “It is always advisable to meditate alone while receiving individual sittings.” I shall meditate in a separate room from now on. We wonder if it's for ANY meditation or for sitting only?
When we meditate individually it is preferable to be alone with Master. In group meditations ofcourse this will not be possible. In night 9 P.M. Prayer we can pray with others.

34. Before and after your sittings I feel in a particular state, as if I was getting more attentive to inward, as if my outer senses were getting asleep, as if everything was slowing down."
When you move from the physical realm to the astral realm you experience the withdrawal of sensory as well as motor organs. You may certain times feel even numbness which only shows that the consciousness is now withdrawn inside and they are all good signs of progress in the path.

35. I felt some type of shift occur. In one of my Sittings, I saw a vast expanse, which I had glimpsed several times, but this occasion, I watched it for quite some time. I remember my eyes roving back and forth. Eventually, I got that sense that I passed through, but I don't remember how. Later in the month, while conducting Satsangh, I felt/heard "Om Tat Sat". At the time, I didn't know what it meant, nor did I know where the words were coming from. I felt a very strong connection with the Divine, almost as strong as when I was in India. I had a vision of a bird taking flight, surrendering and releasing from the body. There was a strong pulsation feeling.
Your experience shows that you are moving in the realms of the Brahmand and like a bird having a detached awareness of the world below. These are signs of your gaining liberation from the bonds of attachment of various kinds. These are definite indications of your moving out of Pind Desh.

36. Progressively, the effect of the environment was felt again, as an electric sensation in knot 1 first, then heaviness in the abdomen and a strong pressure in the head and in the back.
Our return to normal state takes different periods of time for different persons and you have felt in your way. This feeling of pressure expressed by you relates to the vibrations of the Central region from which I gave the transmission keeping close watch of your heart. I do hope you were not feeling inconvenient in the heart.

37. Here is what I noticed during the few days preceding the siting: my condition changed completely. It was enlightened and the weight of the environment was reduced.
This state is what we call Santushti and you should be grateful to Master for the blessing.

38. Had thoughts of recent past and some years ago. Felt multiple jerks. I feel light and happy after meditation.
Jerks are common in our path and they are indications of good cleaning that is being done in various nadis or centres.

39. Felt expansion, very light and happy. In one sitting felt thunderstorms and raining. Felt presence of Divinity as if Earth is getting purified. Felt joy.
The Mother Earth is always pure; keep a reverential attitude towards Her.

40. One day felt relieving after sitting. Felt overwhelming and gratitude towards Rev. Master. Felt lowly. Felt painful to feel the pain and sufferings of people. Saw an image of a slithering animal coming out of the well.
Pain is a part of life while suffering need not be.

41. Felt lowly, attentive and alert and silence. Felt gratitude and reverence for Rev. Master and that it is a blessing to be on this path. Saw my reflection in water. Felt yearning to submit everything to Rev. Master and felt free. Felt expansion. Had a thought of being on an island, yet content with the thought of Master.
Atmananda has very many dimensions and it is good that you are having first hand experience of some of them.

42. Had thoughts of past connected with relatives, friends and places. During two sittings, had awareness most of the time with a feeling of continuous lightness. A feeling of silence and just waiting obediently. The last sitting my trainer mentioned that there was unusual disturbance due to the move.
Past is something similar to ashes; there is no point in remembering that.

43. Feel very light and empty after sitting. Had thoughts of recent past and some past. Sometimes feel a long silence. In one sitting felt some unknown fears, anxiety and restlessness. They seemed so real that it was difficult to be unmindful.
To brush them away is the path. Unmindfulness is not easy but after becoming aware of those thoughts you can easily ignore them or brush them aside by diverting your attention on the goal. Note that the help of the Master is always there and you should with determination get rid off their influence.

44. Felt very light and empty. Felt helpless after the sitting. Had a thought that I am identifying myself with people I am with. Felt free and expansion. Predominant feeling of aspiration with a thought ‘Thou art the only God’.
During sittings our attention should be on the Divine light in the heart only. All other thoughts are to be totally ignored. Even if you are conscious there is little point to report about them as that would only strengthen the impressions.

45. There was an experience where a mother was holding a just-born baby with the cord still visible on the baby's side.
Attachments die hard- and that is natural also.

46. During individual sitting, there was an experience of seeing an infinitely long wall with moderate height. People were climbing it and going from one side to another after a lot of effort.
It is good you think they have crossed the wall with lot of effort. These are symbols that we have inherited. There is no wall except our own Ego and that is surely a tough problem to tackle: that you consider so many successfully managing the obstacle shows how positive your thinking pattern is. Masters blessings.

47. During individual and Satsangs: Feelings of devotion and craving. Moments of no thought condition. Feeling of infiniteness and plainness. Feeling of equality of all.
All these are good signs by themselves. But cryptic statements many times will not reveal the real condition as every condition carries with it a hue. Main shades are however restricted to the nature of the knots in the Pind desh.

48. There was an experience during indvidual sitting where a man was lying on a bed on his side. When he was turned over, he seemed to be dead with bullet holes on his back.
The dream like state relates to apprehension that some one may harm you and you are not sure about it. Best thing is to ignore this dream like states or treat it as a part of bhog.

49. Individual sittings are of immense help. Individual sittings have helped me constantly orient. But many a times I have been unable to answer the question - how did you feel. It feels I am sitting and that's it. Sometimes however I am lucky to notice some feeling.
When you find time read about the nature of Pranahuti and its effects so that you can articulate better.

50. Felt settled, on one occasion gentle & on another intense cleaning. In one sitting felt circular motion in anti-clockwise & then sustained clock-wise spinning.
I do not understand what you mean by anti clockwise and clock wise spinning. Were you moving like that physically? You may kindly read the instructions for maintaining the diary in our Diary and be clear as to what you want to express. You should note the psychological conditions and not bother about the physical.

51. Felt deep cleaning followed by calm and then another cycle of cleaning & calm. Thoughts of Master & goal. Felt anti-clockwise rotation in heart.
Did you clarify the position with the trainer? Imaginations can be dangerous if not checked at the proper time. Nothing rotates in the heart as you state- please meditate as advised.

52. During the sitting given by you, I was crying all along like a small infant crying to his mother and felt quite light after having poured out my inadequacies in life.
Emotions overwhelm when the heart is not able to take the feelings fully. As we progress in the path the capacity of the vessel increases.

53. The experiences that I have during various sitting and satsangs are varied sometimes a lot of confusing thoughts or some fear of uncertainty but some other times so amount of settledness.
Your diary is not giving any scope for me to understand your actual problem. Thoughts will come but we need not bother about them and continue our task of thinking about the divine light.

54. Trainer gave me a sitting last week, I had a headache at the beginning and then it was very smooth and gentle.
I do not think the sitting has anything to do with head ache. You may kindly note that it is always better to remember and note the positive side of the situation/experience and trivia needs no mention.

55. I felt explosion in my consciousness in the heart once during individual sitting and during satsang.
Some of the words you use really donot convey what you want to convey. Explosion is a very aggressive word and its use in spirituality is rather odd. I understand your condition and there is considerable development of viveka. It would be better if you can find some time in your busy schedule of study some time to read the literature of the Master. Clarity in expression would then emerge automatically.

56. I am very grateful for the in-abstentia sittings that I have been having from you every month and would request if instead, I can come personally every alternate month.
I do not understand the need for coming in person to take a sitting while the same can be had in absentia. If you do not find me near you you will never find me in my place. You should know spirituality knows no limits of space and time. Further while I appreciate your interest in your spiritual growth I feel sad that you do not consider the need for your serving others spiritually. Please do not take your work easily and try to work hard for the Master which will mostly take care of your progress too.

57. Report after meditation to be filled by Abhyasi after an Individual Sitting: a) General Condition as felt by the aspirant: Nothing specific
Dear brother, There would have been some condition: to say nothing specific would mean already there is a decision to call some conditions as specific or special. Recording the condition as it existed is most important. Thoughts would have been there; some times we are aware and sometimes we are not. Please note to say nothing specific is also a condition of mind which does not distinguish and therefore of a high order.

b) First thought/feeling after meditation: <not written anything>
After meditation we come to a visually conscious state. Some thought or the other is there. It is necessary to note that as that gives a clue to the condition that was obtaining while we were meditating. It may just remembrance of Master, or some work domestic or related to surgery or medicine etc. Or even about children. If we get the thought that is related to Master that would mean we were having a samprajna Samadhi. Similarly about other thoughts.

c) Nature of Predominant thought: Can not remember
No specific thought. But the nature of thought: were you having thoughts related to work or travel or visit or the divine etc., mostly during the meditation. This gives a clue about the kosa that needs cleaning.

More on Individual Sittings:

1. While rice is boiling it has some activity, when it is cooked the nature of settledness dominates. Similar is the situation when Pranahuti is offered. It throws up many unwanted impressions on their way out. The first thought immediately after the sitting is what our Master wanted us to note to know our condition.

2. Your husband is your natural trainer and you should take sittings from him thinking him to be your Master in every sense of the term. This advice may appear odd to you but that is due to exposure to the western ways of thinking.