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1. I follow the vapor method, initially I just give the thought like all the impurities are going from my back and the divine current flows into my heart from my Masters heart, for about a while I am aware of the flow and later I just feel that but not really aware of it. After cleaning feel very light and fresh. Feel that the day just began.
The samskaras are acquired by us over a period of many lives apart from this one. The feeling of lightness after cleaning is a sure indication of your effective cleaning. Ignore all the thoughts that you may become aware of during purification process.

2. Most of the days after cleaning, I felt silence and on some days it has been calmness. Some days I am left with a feeling that cleaning was not done.
You should have the confidence that you have done your work and what is this feeling that cleaning was not done? By You? or you think Master would do that for you and you are judging that.

3. Method followed: Ocean of bliss: I feel that something is flowing through my body. Sometimes I go into absorption state. I feel lightness after cleaning.
State of absorption though reported by many aspirants is not all that desirable while attending to cleaning which is an active process. Please ensure you do not get into meditation during cleaning process.

4. I have not been regular with my evening Sadhana. After coming from work, I have tried to spend time with my family and do sadhana after every one went to sleep. Some times I could do it, and other times my sloth took over.
The system has to be followed methodically and then only it gives us the desired results. Otherwise we may get into troubles in yoga.

5. During cleaning I am able to maintain thought. Sometimes I felt Jerks in cleaning. Some other times I felt resistance to sit. After cleaning I felt light and some times I did not feel anything.
The mere fact that cleaning process is an active one cannot put you in a passive state. Therefore please practice properly as prescribed by your trainer.

6. I am using the Method - Ocean of Bliss as suggested by Trainer. Some times I felt light and calm after cleaning, other times I was left with a feeling that cleaning was not proper. I am not able to maintain the will throughout the cleaning, and am giving several suggestions to maintain the will. As per the advice of Trainer I will try to maintain the thought without giving too many suggestions.
Never give a negative suggestion to yourself in spiritual matters.

7. Difficult to get feeling of the supposition or it comes after much lapse of time. Sometimes I got headache. On few occasions felt light.
Learn the method of practice properly. I donot understand the words supposition in above para. It is an act of will to on our part and if you cannot even suppose that the work is being done what else can you do?

8. Evening Cleaning: Due to some house repair work over a long time I was not regular.
We can always find excuses for not doing what we should do. Meditation is like taking food and cleaning is like purging the dirt and waste from our system. Both are absolutely necessary.

9. After cleaning feel like fog coverings on the heart is removed and there is settledness in the thought
That is a bit of sensitivity you have got. Thoughts and ideas reside in us as fog, smoke or smog or call whatever you like for that feeling. To get rid off them is the task of purification process and I am happy you feel so.

10. Cleaning: During most of the cleaning I feel the flow of energy passing through me some times I feel the intensity is very high, I just sit with the thought I will be cleansed. After the cleaning I really feel very light, but sometimes during the cleaning I only have thoughts of the day and few other thoughts too but after cleaning , I find the intensity of that thought have reduced.
I do not think it is any wisdom to see and examine what has been excreted or thrown out. Do not waste your time on this exercise but attend to cleaning and get up with a feeling that you are purer.

11. Cleaning: Feel light after the cleaning; Sometimes feel like the intensity of the thoughts are reduced.
Cleaning is like taking out mud from a mountain by spoon-fulls and therefore it is an act that requires patience and perseverance.

12. Generally feel light and settled after cleaning. After about 20 minutes feel like thoughts are reduced and settled.
Why do not you have patience to go through the entire cleaning session? What is the need for this interim evaluation- and more fundamentally what is the need to talk about the thoughts etc. when you feel light and settled after cleaning. Read clearly about the process.

13. During my evening cleaning, I also felt vibrations in Pind-desh region and feels lightness at the end of cleaning.
These means you have not done your cleaning but were absorbed in your thoughts. Practice carefully as instructed by your trainer.

14. Method of 'smoke & vapour'is followed. Attending to evening cleaning regularly for 40 minutes on most of the days. It was 30 minutes on a few days. At the end auto suggestion is given that the system has become clean, pure, light, pious & devine.
I do not know why you give such auto suggestions. Please learn the correct method of cleaning from your trainer.

15. Presently I am not totally satisfied with my evening cleaning. That feeling of internal freshness after the session has not been achieved. Physically comparing it should be akin to the freshness of a bath, which cleanses the body externally. I must feel light and rejuvenated. The temple where the "Divine Light without luminosity" resides must be clean.
The word “must” has a scent of authority and compulsion and neither of this is possible in spiritual practice. We have gathered samskaras over a period of time spanning this life and earlier lives. All that we can try is to evaluate whether we feel lighter than in the beginning of cleaning. Kindly read more on cleaning/purification process in our literature.

16. Again I am not totally satisfied with my evening cleaning. May be as far as removal of sanskaras is concerned, two things can help – one is time and another is support of the Master. I am reading from more about it from our literature.
How we can wash off all our samskaras just like that. The process of cleaning should be strictly followed and the help of the Master is always there. I can assure you that.

17. Cleaning I am regular. By the end of cleaning sometimes I observe brightness inside.
This attitude is a recurrent theme and the cyclical nature of events get learnt better during meditation.

18. I am using the Ocean Bliss method and the cleaning process is going on as prescribed. Most of the times, I feel lighter after the procedure.
Some times we may even feel that it is routine; but please do attend to cleaning in a very sincere manner.

19. For most of the days, I have attended to the evening cleaning. After the purification process there is a feeling of lightness and some times I feel physically drained out. Sometimes it happens that next day when I sit for morning meditation there are thoughts about the previous day and feel I haven’t done my cleaning properly the previous day.
How come that you relate the evening cleaning with the morning meditation. I do not think they are that much related as you suppose. Read Masters instructions carefully. If you are physically drained out consult a doctor as it has nothing to do with the cleaning process as such.

20. Regularly doing cleaning.
We attend to cleaning but what exactly is the feeling at the end of it. Are we sure that we are purified enough to keep our thoughts on the divine or are we back in worldly matters with renewed energy and emphasis are the points to be noted.

21. Cleaning: Trying to be regular, but now and then postponing.
You know that you are postponing. Then why not postpone achieving the goal to the coming lives? If you are dirty and still think you can reach the goal which is pure and simple you are committing fundamental error.

22. Sometimes missed evening cleaning but got up in the early hours and I am doing cleaning.
Do the cleaning at the time prescribed and in the manner in which it is prescribed.

23. Most of the days, evening purification could not be attended to, as the work at office is more and I have to take calls even after coming home till in the night.
This is not correct. You must find some time in the evening or late in the evening to attend to cleaning. Without cleaning no useful purpose will be done through sittings.

24. Purification process: For this practice I am not able to fix a particular time. I am practicing by ocean of bliss method as per the time convenience. There is some intensity during this process. It is very light and calm after attending to purification process.
It is wise fix a particular time. If it is not possible at 6 or 6:30 have it 7 or even 7:30. Later than that will be too close to 9 P.M., prayer.

25. On the evening, after I had finished the cleaning and while was dwelling in the thought, 'there is purity alone in His work and environment and we are all immersed in it and the environment is influencing every heart and mind', it occurred with convincing and forceful clarity that every existence is part and parcel of this (my) existence and no barriers existed amongst us all. It was also a state of blissful absorption which appeared to be natural and also of a spontaneous character, the state continuing for more than 20 min. or so. I could feel the impact of this imperience with awareness of it even thru. The next day. I remembered rev. Master's expression in similar vein. I felt that love universal can be expressed though this 'being' authentically and without an intellectualization of the same.
Micro or macro all are the same and every one finds his/her vision complete and that is the way of life. Life in life may not be accessible to all but those who commit to study the same. However it is our duty to pray and work for all, all the time.

26. Cleaning: Feel that it’s effectively getting done. Thoughts keep on coming and going. On some days thoughts kept me entangled in them and only for some time I was able to maintain the thought of cleaning.
From the reports you sent I find that you need to develop more clarity regarding cleaning: kindly note that the cleaning process is to be actively done and it is not a passive affair. No other thought than the one cocerned with cleaning can be entertained.

27. As I attempt cleaning, I observe a shift from mundane state of mind to conscious orientation towards Him. This gives a feeling of lightness and relief.
That is good.

28. Performed regular cleanings for half an hour. Few days I have missed cleaning due to working late in the night.
According to purity alone is our sensitivity and progress. Therefore never ignore or neglect or avoid the same. Many times it may be difficult but we should make it possible.

29. Feelings of lightness and freshness is felt on all days. There is lot of inner silence that is being observed.
You seem to suggest that you had nothing to cleanse and that perfect purity of Mind in its aspects is had. If that is had on the first day why then cleanse on the other days.

30. Feelings of lightness and freshness is felt is felt on all days. Once saw light coming out from some sort of crevices.
Elementary principle that cleaning means getting rid off is not understood by you and on the contrary you state that you saw something coming out from somewhere (obviously I understand this to be to your side). Be clear in writing your feelings.

31. Feelings of lightness and freshness is felt is felt on all days, on a couple of occasions I feel like resting/not doing anything for a few minutes after cleaning.
That is what you should feel after a refreshing cleaning.

32. There is lot of internal chatter but I am not running or getting involved in them.
They are not internal chatter. They are internal rubbish that is being cleared. Do you feel light or not is the question.

33. After cleaning feeling light. There is a distinct difference between before and after cleaning sessions now a days. The lightness felt is making me attend to cleaning regularly.
This type of analysis is pseudo scientific. It is not necessary that we always feel fresh and lightness. We should clean whether we feel light or heavy and that is an obligation to ourselves. You do not expect every day some result.

34. Missed on some occasions. Feeling light after cleaning sessions. Still having the problem of seeing the content of the thought going out on some occasions. Instead of feeling good/bad about those thoughts, the feeling now is that I had enjoyed both good and bad thoughts in the past and now they are leaving me, I am able to laugh at myself now.
Enormous ego in evaluation. Try to be humble that you had allowed trash and rubbish to settle in your mind; what is there to laugh- funny pseudo intellectual ego- guard yourself.

35. Have missed on some occasions. The improvement from previous occasions is that the inquisitiveness in seeing the thoughts that are going out has reduced considerably.
It is surprising that you want to know what goes out of system. It is not our method. I donot understand where from you get these ideas. If you do not follow the system as advised surely help will not be forthcoming. I think you sit if at all and donot attend to cleaning. The most important thing to note is whether you feel light or not after cleaning.

36. Have missed on some occasions. During cleanings I feel the thoughts going away and feel them to be as real as they were initially when they were formed. But by the end of the cleaning session, I do not remember them and feel relieved of some great load. On some occasions I felt I should rest for some time.
We should feel rested after cleaning, that is we should feel light and calm. Because you put your mind to work on the content of cleaning rather than the process of cleaning this problem. Please donot care to know the contents of the dust bin.

37. Cleaning has been regular and effective.
Effectiveness of prayer should be judged by the changes in values and attitudes and the moral courage that develops due to that.

38. Evening meditation is half an hour for cleaning, normally through point A and B otherwise it seem to happen more and more automatic just by making a suggestion. It happens by itself with the will of "master". The work is done.
I am sorry that is not the way to attend to cleaning. First of all there is no question of point A and B during evening cleaning. You may kindly read about the correct method which we have given in our sites. Cleaning is done by the aspirant and the question of bringing in Master here does not arise.

39. Cleaning: I am trying the ocean of bliss method in the evening, 30 minutes. Sometimes I find the way, sometimes I don't. This is not the cleaning method I was doing, so I must relearn it.
It is a procedure and there is nothing like finding a way. We do the practice. Please practice as prescribed and then learning takes care of itself.

40. I attend to cleaning regularly but I feel I should do better.
As stated in our literature, examine whether you feel light or not and do not try to evaluate the effort you put in. The dogs’ scratching the door does not have anything to do with the door being opened by the Master. We should do our duty properly.

41. In a week, three days I do effective cleaning- the days before I attend sitting and satsang.
Purification of our mental tendencies is a tedious process and I request you to attend to it every day.

42. I do my cleaning everyday after work, but it seems more effective when I do it at the site of the satsang, before satsang. I feel interests more moderated than earlier. More faith within, but sometimes I can notice pulls.
It is true that the place of Satsangh has more pious environment due to the visit of several aspirants. But this does not mean that when we attend to cleaning at home it is less effective.

43. I was having trouble with Smoke method. Thoughts of doubt, of what I was doing, if it was working bothered me. Trainer mentioned I was suffering from idea of doership. He suggested Ocean of Bliss. Last 3-4 weeks I am using Ocean of Bliss, and it seems effective. Usually it's best if I do it first thing after returning from work.
I have been practicing only the method of Ocean of Bliss and have found it very effective in not only removing the complexities but enabling me to think of Him during the purification process also.

44. Mostly seems fine, but on some days I was impatient to get up quickly. Opening my eyes to find its only 20 minutes. Sometimes continued for another 10 on others again got up after 5, and then gave up.
What is this certificate you give by saying ‘mostly seems fine’? What seems to be fine? As you practice diligently the timings get adjusted and you should understand that the clock time is not the real time. Every one of us has his own psychological time. If you give a suggestion that you are going to attend to the process of purification for 30 mts the system knows its time alright.

45. I am using Ocean of Bliss method. Either it is the first thing I do after work or I do it before satsang. I get up with a feeling of being cleaned.
Confidence is the seed for perseverance and that is good.

46. I am using Ocean of Bliss method. At the end I am getting up feeling a clean break from earlier part of day.
The aim of attending to cleaning is to feel lightness in our being which motivates us further in doing sadhana properly. I really did not understand what you wanted to convey by the above sentence of yours.

47. Evening purification: Position of hands, usually as in other pujas I kept my hands with fingers crossed on my lap/legs. But our brothers informed that in the evening purification one should not cross the fingers. Please clarify as even now out of habit, I do tend to keep my fingers crossed. Please direct me the correct method?
Ideally the hands are kept loose so that cleansing happens easily but if you want to have your fingers crossed while sitting there is no objection. You will learn for your self as you progress in the path.

48. Cleaning: Feeling of lightness, calmness, forgiveness attitude.
Cleaning sessions are meant to get rid off our defects and faults and are not to be confused with meditations. Please contact your trainer and get to know the proper method of cleaning.

49. I have been regularly doing my evening cleaning for 30-35 minutes daily. Felt cleansed and light after the cleaning process.
Very glad to hear this. But do not allow complacency to develop as our bundle is usually too large and unloading is a time taking process.

50. Regularly doing evening cleaning for about 30 minutes. This process is still a bit passive and as prescribed the active application of will to purge out the impurities is lacking. Feeling light and inner silence after the cleaning process.
The process of cleaning adopting the Ocean of Bliss method is not passive and your understanding needs correction. Read more on this method and also understand that when Master is conceived as an Ocean of Bliss it cannot be passive nor the waves passing through you can be a passive one. Since you seem to adopt a mechanical approach and not a lively approach the problem seems to be there.

51. Regularly practicing the evening cleaning process. Prior to the cleaning process suggestion is given that I want to get rid of the impressions that are accumulated. This suggestion is helping me stay on the course.”
The change is unwarranted and you are advised to follow the system as prescribed. Please read the literature on this subject and understand your adding few more suggestions would weaken the process. Do not try to be more smart and get into unnecessary problems. May wisdom govern you and you follow the system as prescribed.

52. Doing but miss sometimes due to laziness. Feel light and relaxed after it but also feel lot of heat.
Heat may there some times. But missing out cleaning is not good for progress.

53. Feel light and free after cleaning. Feel some heat during cleaning.
You may kindly ignore the feeling of heat felt and continue the practice.

54. Feel light after cleaning but sometimes feel tired due to effort of cleaning.
Cleaning if done properly should give a feeling of relief and not tiredness. Obviously you are doing it not according to the instructions. Please contact your trainer in this regard.

55. Cleanings: Feeling lightness and refreshing mostly. Trying every time to make it a stable and well concentrated effort. MASTER is pure being. I am feeling that, I need to clean thoroughly myself with HIS help to merge with HIM.
That is good. Mergence is a different matter.

56. Sir, I sometimes feel that I am troubling my Sir, by soiling my clothes every now and then like a child. Don’t I deserve a one - time scolding? So much of service yet to be done at the feet of the Rev Master!
I do my duty even as you do yours. Neither of us work alone. Master is with us always. I am to clarify that so many states are there for which there can be no words to express. Assimilation of conditions take time and while restlessness is acceptable the attitude of impatience is not. Cleaning is a slow and tedious affair where both the trainer and the aspirant have to work hard keeping absolute faith in the Master.

57. Surely there was a need for cleaning: 8 weeks without sitting since the introduction.
It is not the 8 weeks gap that is the reason for cleaning but the accumulation of samskaras as we call which may be treated as impressions in the sub conscious and unconscious planes in our psyche that requires cleaning. It is a long drawn process taking quite a few years before the load shedding is complete. Therefore cleaning the system according to the methods of the Master is paramount if we want to progress in this path.

58. I did experience clearly lightness that comes in the wake of the cleaning. I found that even after a good cleaning session the next day morning meditation can be non-centered or non-oriented.
That is very much the truth.

59. Sometimes, I suffer from feeling of being rewarded/ desire for recognition. I honestly want to get rid of this obnoxious feeling by the grace of Master and your help.
What is the context in which you seek reward? Your perception of your own efficiency or merit? The feeling as you say is obnoxious but what has the Master to do or this humble self? You attend to cleaning properly and over a period of time you may get rid off this unqualified desire for reward. Deserve and the reward automatically comes.

More on Cleaning:

1. Attend to cleaning adopting the method of ocean of bliss and keeping in view that it is the Master who is the ocean of bliss and is granting you purity. Purity knows no fear or favour. Learn to love and seek Truth and all blemishes get washed out.

2. When firm will is made at the start half the work is over, our Master used to say. Cleaning is a very important and a new feature of this system of meditation. Without proper cleaning any amount of transmission does not yield good results. So Please do attend to this more seriously.