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Point A &B Meditations


1. Point B meditation: I feel as if I am doing it to make the heart clean and worthy to welcome the divine light in to it. I feel that I have to improve upon this meditation.
That is good idea.

2. I am only able to maintain the thought on point A for few minutes and it drifts away and then my attempt to bring it back to original thought.
Yes. There is a natural resistance to this in our system because it curbs our basic and base instincts and urges. If you do not practice this the remaining methods may not be helpful to the extent that you would like them to be.

3. Some time I used to do deep meditation at point A that time I feel glowing at that point.
Meditate as advised and do not mess up things.

4. I am paying greater attention to Point "B" meditation but I am yet not satisfied with my effort. Other aspects are being taken care of.
Any development process is slow and steady and you should not think negatively about any aspect of meditation once you are sincere about your efforts.

5. POINT B and Morning meditation: Sir, everyday I am getting up at 4.30AM and sitting for meditation around 5AM. Before starting the meditation I am practicing Point 'B' meditation. I am doing the point B meditation with the feeling that all my impurities and grossness are going out through Point B behind of it the glow of self is coming into view. Initially the intensity of thoughts are more and slowly feeling lightness. After completion of point B, shift towards divine light without luminosity is happening automatically and I am continuing the meditation.
That is the correct method and you should continue like this for ever irrespective of the stage/ state that you may arrive at.

6. During Point "B" meditation, I find 10 minutes slightly less, possibly because I may have not got the knack of it. I wish I could spend some more time on "Point 'B' meditation either in the morning or later during the day. Also in the aspect of "purity of mind", I take it as purity of thoughts during the day. May I seek your guidance on these two points?
You may not do more than 10 minutes mediation on point B and you should switch over to regular meditation seamlessly. You may not attend to point B meditation at any other time than the morning. The system as been clearly stated taking into consideration all aspects by the Master and we may not change his system. Purity of mind as you rightly say is the purity of thoughts during the day and not only during meditation. But as for the injunction as to the purity of mind and body strictly adhered to is concerned we may take it to mean that purity of mind just before sitting for meditation.

7. Although the 'Glow of Atman' is not seen as yet but with perseverance, the fog will certainly clear. It is true the word ‘glow’ has been used by the Master. But he has amply explained it to mean light with luminosity. If luminosity is what you expect it is not correct. There will be something which is neither light nor darkness but a type of gray that you will feel and I am sure you are already feeling that. Try to get rid off the notion of bright light.

8. Over the last month, there has been noticeable positive change in Point "B" meditation. I feel as if some kind of fogging is getting removed and a sort of transparency is being seen around the chest region. I am not expecting any light or luminosity as part of the "glow of Atman".
Keep on doing the practice and you will surely have the divine light which is not luminous but gray in color emerging and staying almost permanently thereafter. That good is not far off as far as I see in your case.

9. I am trying my best to do Point "B" meditation exactly as directed by Rev Brother. I am sure to see divine light if I keep up my pursuit with devotion.
We meditate on divine light without luminosity only: therefore light is not our goal. As Master puts it is gray that we see and feel.

10. I am regularly doing my morning Sadhana. Meditation on Point “B” is improving since the focus has shifted to ‘glow of Atma’ and not towards usual cleaning.
I could not understand what you meant when you wrote “I am regularly doing my morning Sadhana. Meditation on Point “B” is improving since the focus has shifted to ‘glow of Atma’ and not towards usual cleaning.” Please do not change the method of meditation. You should meditate on the divine light in the heart at any point of progress. Cleaning is an entirely different matter. We do meditate on the point B thinking that the impurities are going off and the divine light is coming to the forefront. This is not a cleaning process. Cleaning process is done in the evening and the methods are clearly stated in our literature. To think that the divine light or the glow of the atman is coming to the forefront is alright. You may kindly agree with me that cleaning is a process that will be part of our sadhana whatever may be stage of our progress. I have tried to explain the difference between ‘amala’ and ‘nirmala’ concepts in one of my articles.

11. Brief Description of the Problem: (a) It is taking some time for me to get into point B meditation. (b) Difficulty Encountered: Thoughts are getting attached during point B meditation. (c) Efforts put so far to overcome the problem: I am keeping my cool to get myself unattached to the thoughts.
You should note that everything is a matter of practice. Patience and perseverance are the basic requirements for success in any endeavour. I do not understand what you mean by saying that thoughts are getting attached during point B meditation. The only thought you are supposed to have is that the divine light is coming to the fore and the dross is going out. If you train your mind for retaining this thought for 10 mts that is enough.

12. For me it seem like if we make the practice of point A and B meditation and we are doing the practice as said, every step through the point goes automatic.
That will be over simplifying the system. The need for regular influx of Pranahuti is absolutely necessary to make any progress in the path though we can move considerable distance in Pind desh on our own with our efforts over a period of time.

13. Point B: We say that from behind the glow of atman is coming to view. Should it be beneath, if you look at the position of heart biologically?
If between behind and beneath you do not fall it is alright. Practice, practice and then you will know what happens. English incidentally is not a good language for spirituality. We should get at the spirit and not the words when we want to understand and more so in spirituality.

14. Missing many times due to laziness.
The impulse tendencies of the lower self is dominant and therefore this problem and it can be got rid off only by meditation on point A.