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Universal Prayer


1. During 9’0 clock prayer, felt commonness of all and sincerely praying most of the times with true feeling of brothers and sisters.
In a sense this is our true nature.

2. I am regular in 9 PM prayer. At times I used to feel how wonderful it would be to realise "universal brotherhood". Make that wonderful event possible now with your participation in a deeper sense.

3. Regular in doing the 9 PM prayer. I have slowly started developing the feeling of fraternity and feel that more and more people should know about this wonderful system and benefit practicing it.
Whether they know about this system or not, our prayer is that every one in the human fraternity is developing true love and devotion towards the Master.

4. I feel there is some marginal improvement in this sadhana. I am sitting these days with a firm intention and sometimes I feel some kind of an emotional feeling in heart.
Please keep in mind how happy Master would be to see all humanity moving towards Divinity and do this prayer with love and devotion to Him.

5. 9 PM: Able to maintain the thought continuosly for a few minutes. After that I have to gather myself to get attention back to the thought.
Unless there is genuine concern for others this prayer is not that easy to live with. Try hard and you will succeed.

6. Due to recent developments happening around me, I am feeling nauseous with so many cultural and religious differences that separate people. I am feeling the only way this can change is for everyone to become disciples of Rev. Master.
Do not try to change external environment with your opinions which is bound to be tinged with the colour of your pair of glasses. Instead be serious about the 9 p.m.prayer which seeks to improve the quality of human beings and a method given by the Master for all to practice. This method can be suggested to any person whether a sadhaka in PAM or not if he/she is interested in improving the human situation.

7. My sincerity towards 9 PM prayer has been high in last month. Even when I was not able to do meditation, I have tried to remain in that thought. After 9 PM prayer I feel I should continue in that for some time. Some days I am able to maintain the thought continuously for 15 mins and other days there are thoughts which seep in. If I sit for 9 PM prayer prior to cleaning, then intensity of thoughts is high.
How can there be other thoughts than the one given by the Master to be practiced during this period? That means your mind is not disciplined enough to maintain the thoughts related to Universal Fraternity. That is also but natural since that is a state of consciousness. Till you grow to that state you should do atleast the routine. Your cleaning in the evening or otherwise has nothing to do with this prayer.

8. I am also regular to attending the 9 PM prayer no matter where I am. Generally I try and maintain the thought given in the prayer but I am not feeling that thought in my heart. I practice it as a drama as recommended by Rev. Babuji in Reality at Dawn.
Please check up the book; do you think this method is advocated for the 9 p.m. Prayer? True it is that this feeling for universal fraternity is not all that soaked with the feelings in the initial stages but where is the need for Drama while meditating? Kindly get proper instructions for the trainer.

9. Automatically, I get remembrance at and around 9PM, about the prayer. Occasionally I had fraternal feeling. Many times however I become conscious whether I am maintaining the feeling. Therefore I tend to repeat the supposition several times in my mind (although it is not virtually saying like Mantra)
There is only one thought that all the human fraternity is developing love and devotion to Master and I do not understand any problem for any person in maintaining this thought. It is simply the lack of commitment for the good of humanity that is the problem. Come out of self centeredness and it may be possible to do this prayer.

10. I do the universal prayer quite regularly. On few occasions, I consciously tried to recall in my mind a view of satsang.
Why this artificiality? Do the prayer as advised and do not devise your own methods. They will be harmful to you.

11. Sitting for 9 PM Prayer regularly. Doing Point A Meditaiton for 15 minutes. Able to maintain the thought that all people are developing true love, devotion and faith towards the Master in the sense of developing their will in accepting everything as God given.
Your 9 P.M. prayer is an amendment to the prayer given by the Master and therefore is a deviation. You may stick to the method of thinking that all the people are developing true love and devotion in the Master and not add or delete any aspect of that prayer given.

12. Attended to 9 PM prayers regularly. On a few days became highly devotional during these prayers.
What has having devotion to do with this prayer. We are supposed to will that all are developing true love and devotion to Master. If you have already that devotion what are you praying for?

13. There is growing seriousness to offer the 9.00 PM prayer. I am consciously making attempts to offer 9 PM prayer wherever I happen to be at that time. When I attend to cleaning and then sit for offering universal prayer then my thought settles down quickly on the prayer otherwise it takes sometime for it to settle.
These are two practices are not that closely related as you presume. One is for our purification and the other is for the Universal good as a fraternal obligation.

14. Most of the times, I am able to sit for 9.00 o’clock prayer and do point A meditation.
That is fine. But what of the Prayer itself. Are you able to maintain the thought all the 15 mts? Or they drift as widely as they can and you wish.

15. Regularly doing 9 PM Prayer.
Surely you do. But then how long the thought that others are moving towards to the Divine with love and devotion is maintained needs to be noted. Further are you sure that all the persons in the world are your brothers/sisters? Honesty in evaluation is a must.

16. Regular, sometimes have missed to sit at 9.00 P.M but sat at other times.
The effects and cause are closely related. As we sow so do we reap.

17. 9 PM Prayer: Regularly doing on Point A. Sometimes I find some activity in the chit lake.
Quite interesting. The meditation is point A for strengthening the universal human bond with the Master and you are referring to Chit lake! There is a limit to intellection and imagination.

18. 9 PM prayer: Doing regularly.
When one is striving to settle in higher regions this will not be the noting. Concern for others is not all that easy and one needs to work hard on this prayer.

19. Have been regular and sincere in praying at 9.00 P.M everyday. Once the thought “Only Love should flow” came.
What is this irrelevant thought during the 9 P.M. prayer. Read and follow the instructions in this regard with out any deviations.

20. Have been regular in praying at 9.00 P.M everyday. Feeling that all are moving towards Him is improving.
Read more about this subject and understand that it is essentially a prayer and your statement of feeling is already indicating your desire for result.

21. Have been praying regularly. Once saw many persons praying at 9.00 P.M. collectively. I felt very happy that day.
It is your attitude of anticipating a result that is the problem. You should your duty and the results automatically arise and it is not through your dreams or visions. We have been explaining this aspect of sadhana through the philosophy explained in the book Power and Force and you seem to totally ignore that and have your own notions. Please fall in line with the thinking of Imperience/ISRC.

22. This was the only prayer I could regularly do in spite of being ill.
You are ill and that is true. But you are not the only one who is ill and that is also true. You seem to entertain an idea that doing sadhana inspite of illness is a great thing by itself. Such self pity does no good. Regularity of that prayer is not the point; it is to be known whether the mind rests on the meaning of that prayer.

23. 9 PM Prayer: (a) What ever efforts we put in individually it should be in tune with the divine will and so far as I am concerned I have not found any better idea to serve humanity than to pray at 9 P.M. as instructed by the Master; (b) I do it when I can. I am not always at home at that moment or in a social situation where I can do it. When possible, 15 minutes, and I feel a great force when I do it. I would say that it is the most efficient practice with the points A and B techniques.
Master wanted that everyone should practice this prayer and even wrote to UN about the same when his opinion was sought for world peace. If we have to cooperate with the Master in the transformation of humanity (not just me or you) this prayer is a must. The power of thought is great and you may care to peruse the book by Hawkins on Power Vs Force.

24. These days I feel a strong faith towards Pujya Master and His methods that only this will help in world peace. I am doing 9 PM prayer with more determination and faith.
Very gratifying to see these notes.

25. Many times I am doing 9 PM prayer before evening cleaning; I do get lot of other thoughts. During 9 PM and point A, I feel energy expanding from my head and it continues afterwards as well. I feel my prayer lacks sincerity and is mechanical.
Always attend to prayer after cleaning process.

26. Regular in doing the 9 PM prayer. Again more ritualistically repeating it in the mind with out the true feeling in the heart yet. As you mentioned in one of my reports I will continue to Persevere it with proper orientation towards MASTER.
As Master used to say jokingly if we imitate a mad person one day we will become one. Do it somehow and then the real thing comes.

27. On some days it gives joy type of feeling especially with a thought arising that Divine Love is developing in all through the “Medium of the Master”.
Your practice of 9 P.M. prayer is a deviation from the method given by the Master. It is your will that is required for the Universal good and there is no point in thinking that human fraternity is developing through the ‘medium of the Master’. The general tendency to deviate from the given methods seems to be one of your weaknesses. Please note Masters are different from us and it is wisdom to follow the system as given by them.

More on Universal Prayer:

1. It should be possible to do prayer more seriously and sincerely and it is one of the best methods of having nearness to the divine. The 9 P.M. prayer for the good of all human fraternity is a unique feature of this system and its value in raising our level of consciousness is something that is experienced by all sincere sadhakas.