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It is a matter of utmost happiness for me to write a foreword for the book "The Philosophy of Sri Ramachandra's Rajayoga ", written by Dr.Raghavan, one of the senior most practicant and also a trainer of Sri Ramachandra 's Rajayoga. Here is an exposition of the original text "Sahaj Marg Philosophy" ,by the Great Master Rev.Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur (U.P)- a new system of yoga leading to God-Realization .This system offers constant guidance by the Great Master through Pranahuthi-a unique feature in the system. It is a yogic process, through which the highest divine force or effulgence is introduced into the seeker without a touch or a word. The most important thing is, the whole process is being done in the spirit of brotherhood and no Gurudom is advocated or nurtured.

This book is not an opinionated writing of Dr.Raghavan ,the author but a candid presentation of the original text of Sahaj Marg Philosophy, based on clear understanding of the system by performing of sadhana as given by the Master. The publishers have done well to print the original text - Sahaj Marg Philosophy along with Dr.Raghavan's commentary. This will be able to enable the reader to check if the elucidations are in tune with the original thought of the Master.

Sri Ramachandraji always said, "I make Masters ", thus meaning the abhyasis will be trained in such a fashion that they will be able to follow and to propagate the system confidently in many ways, which would suit the people with different aptitudes and varied background and without diluting the original work. In fact, the Divine Master Sri Ramachandraji had written to one of his ablest men whom he had treated as his son Sri K.C.Narayana, the guiding forced of the institute of Sri Ramachandra Consciousness ," it is for people like you to first educate and then do further research, I am happy that you have the courage and will for it".

This attempt by Dr.Raghavan ,who is a close associate of Sri K.C.Narayana is only in this direction to fulfill the Master's wish to propagate the system. Master always wanted and wished that every abhyasi to be a true follower of the system and based on his or her sadhana-experience he is blessed with and with such intellectual endowment propagate the system. This kind of commentaries on the original literature of Sri Ramachandra based on sadhana-experience is meant only to convince the readers about the efficacy of the system and to reap the benefits of following it. It would encourage them to give a try and feel for themselves the efficacy of the system.

I feel pleasure in writing few lines about the author Dr.Raghavan. He started his life from a humble beginning ,Hailing from an orthodox family he has good knowledge about tradition. He has also got academic distinctions to his credit and did his M.Tech, Electronics and Ph.d at Roorkee University.

It is during that period at Roorkee by the stroke of luck or poorva punya,he came to the holy feet of Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur in year 1970 and ever since he is practicing the method given by Master with all earnestness. Commentaries from people like Dr.Raghavan with such intellectual and traditional background would definitely convince the people to try the system and see for themselves the outcome. This is the only intention of the author in writing this commentary on Sahaj Marg Philosophy.

In fact Dr.K.C.Varadachari, an intimate of the Great Master Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj, in whose order this institute is functioning is one of the first few to explain this great system of sadhana. In fact whole of South India came into the fold of Sri Ramachandraji after reading and studying the various books, articles and commentaries of this great personality Dr.K.C.Varadachari about whom there is a mention by the author in his commentary.

The author Dr.Raghavan ,himself being a grihastha explains how the system of yoga gives courage to a person leading an ordinary family life ,to practice this simple system of Rajayoga Sadhana and to reach the higher levels of consciousness. This system, a gift from the divine is a redeeming factor for householders (Grihasthas) who were hitherto condemned as unfit for higher spiritual states of consciousness contrary to earlier thinking that spiritual development is an exclusive prerogative of sanyasins. This system emphasizes that balanced existence is possible only for grihasthas. Moreover, the grihastasrama dharma alone provides a field for developing tolerance, co-operation and harmony which traits alone can make this world a happy place to live. He himself being a scientist, the author feels what better scientific approach can be there, other than experimenting this system of sadhana and feel for oneself the outcome. " Do and Feel ", is the pramana of Sri Ramachandra's Rajayoga.

The author also feels that the mathematical concept of zero to elucidate the nature of reality can answer and satisfy any atheist. The zero concept also enables the people with traditional background to understand the upanishadic concept of 1.Mahato Maheeyam (Larger than the largest) and 2. Anoraneeam (smaller than the smallest).

The author also talks about various yogas Kundalini yoga, Hathayoga, Patanjalis yoga sutras, Gayathri upasana during sandhya, and also mentions about western philosophers and their thinking and how this remodeled yoga of Sri Ramachandraji is markedly different from the above said yoga systems also and also from western thinking. The author firmly believes and sends the message through this commentary that this remodeled yoga, with the assistance of Pranahuti is a unique thing to be experimented with an open mind and feel for oneself the efficacy of the system and eventual transformation of consciousness.

I conclude this foreword with profound gratitude and reverence to the Masters of the order and with a prayer that all will be benefited by studying this book.

R.Rajasekhar Reddy
Balaji Colony,Tirupati