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 Lalaji Era:  

"The blissful time ushered in by His advent introduced a New Era of spiritual awakening which promises a practical solution of the human problem of existence"

- Pujya Babuji Maharaj

We are happy that we have been blessed with the awareness for naming the new era ushered in by Pujya Lalaji Maharaj and accordingly we have named it as Lalaji Era. With the ushering in of the Advent in 1873 the New Era started but we have not counted the years in the Era till 1990’s. I am to state with humility it is the Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness that made bold to count the years in the new Era. The idea of having a calendar of our own engaged the attention of ISRC for quite some time. We were not sure whether we should accept the solar method or lunar method of counting the months as both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. But the reality is that we count our years by the Gregorian calendar which has a logic of its own however untenable it might be from the astronomical angle based on which most of the Indian calendars or Panchang work. Since the ISRC does not have experts in the field we decided to name the months according to the logic of the system of our beloved Babuji Maharaj. It is considered that we may not take up at present the task of working out the cycle of 60 years adopted by the Indian systems. We may for the present be satisfied that we count the years and not bother about the cycles of years.

I may present briefly the logic for naming the months. 14th January or 13th January usually happen to be the date on which Sun enters the constellation of Capricorn. We have therefore accepted 14th of January (surely arbitrarily) as the 1st of the new year of the Lalaji Era. So far we have not had a calendar of the months of the year of the Lalaji Era.

Since we owe everything to Pujya Lalaji Maharaj it is but prudent to start the year with his name. More so because it is during this month (Magha Suddha Panchami according to the Indian calendar) he descended on earth. We know that He is most Just and Benevolent and it is therefore proper to call this month Samavarti. It gives hope to us that all that happens during this year will be just and God ordained and we with absolute faith in the Master continue our sadhana.

The second month is named Prana after the Pranasya Pranaha introduced into the aspirant during meditations. The Adi Guru secured the permission for introduction of this spiritual force into the aspirants and thereby exhibited practically how much the Lord is eager to yawn towards us. The connection to this vital force of Pranasya Pranaha is the essence of this system of sadhana.

The third month is named Bhuma after the source of the Pranasya Pranaha, the mother of all existence.

The fourth month is named Prabhu after our beloved Master Pujya Babuji Maharaj whose birth day falls on Baishaka Badi Panchami in this month. He is the guiding principle in all respects and in all aspects of our life and is enabling us to reach the status of being a Real Man.

The fifth month is named Bhanwar after the original kshob from which we derive the original vibrations and which grants us the critical connection to the Centre.

The sixth month of the year is named Ishwar after Rev. Ishwar Sahai a close associate of our dear Master Rev. Babuji Maharaj.

The seventh month is named Varada after Dr. K.C.Varadachari an intimate of the Master whose services in the development and spread of the system of Rev. Babuji is incomparable. His benevolent grace alone is responsible for the new order of training in the system to reach the pinnacle of human glory.

The eighth month Krishna is named after Lord Krishna the Avatar and the Head of all organisation of Rev.Babuji (because they are not distinguishable) whose birthday falls in this month.

The ninth month Samadrishti is named after the nature of Lord Krishna who treats all as equal.

The tenth month Sat pad is named after the primary goal of sadhana to be reached through the method of Satyapada Marg.

The eleventh month Radha is named after the intimate of Lord Krishna whose very nature is ‘Love Universal’.

The twelfth month Viveka is named after Swami Vivekananda whose hand in structuring our system is fully acknowledged by the Master.            

The days of the months are evenly distributed first as thirty days and later to adjust the number of days to 365 additional day has been added to the months of Samavarti, Prabhu, Ishwar, Varada, Krishna. Samavarti and Prabhu are the same as the merger of Lalaji in Babuji is total and therefore we have allotted 31 days for Samavarti and Prabhu.  Iswar the month named after Iswar Sahai is given an additional day. Varada is our connection to Master and therefore the month named after him has been given another day. Krishna is the head of our organisation and therefore an additional day has been given for the month named after him. For the present the names of the years may be retained as those of lunar months of our Panchang. 

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