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Summary of Daily Meditational Practices




Point B Meditation (before sunrise)
Imagine all your impurities and grossness to be going out from the point towards the front side and from behind it, the glow of the Atman is coming to view. Do this for not more than 10 minutes before commencing your daily practice of meditation.

To clear off the grossness that is clouding the Divine light

Steadiness in meditation.
Helps to grow out of self.
Meditation (before sunrise)
Sit in meditation for an hour thinking that Divine light is present in your heart. Do it in quite a simple and natural way without forcing your mind. Never mind if you do not see the light there. Start with a mere supposition so to say, and sit meditating in one posture with your attention turned towards the heart in a natural way without any effort to concentrate. Try to be unmindful of the thoughts arising at that time.

Feel the presence of Divine within and remain in its company

Living in higher plane of consciousness. Regulation & discipline of mind.
Cleaning (after sunset)
Sit for half an hour with a suggestion to yourself that all complexities and impurities including grossness, darkness, etc., are going out of the whole system through the backside in the form of smoke or vapour and in its place the sacred current is flowing into your heart from the Master's heart. Do not meditate on those things which we want to get rid off. Simply brush them off.*

To willfully get rid of impressions.

Maintain purity & steadiness
9pm Prayer
Everyone should meditate for about 15 minutes at 9 p.m. sharp every night regularly thinking that all the men and women in this world are one 's brethren and true love, devotion and faith for the Master is developing in all.

WILL that all are brethren and all are developing love towards Divine

Development of fraternity
Point A Meditation (night)
Fix your attention on the point and think that all men and women of the world are your brothers and sisters. Do this before going to bed for not more than 10 minutes

Check /get out of improprieties of conduct & indulgences of mind

Development of fraternity
Prayer before going to bed
Just before going to bed at night, offer prayer. The proper and the most effective method of prayer is to sit in a supplicant mood and repeat the same mentally twice or thrice. Then begin to meditate over its true sense and try to get lost into it.

Opportunity for repentance, seeking forgiveness and Strengthening of resolve against repetition of mistakes.

Become embodiment of prayer.