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Prana (Lalaji era)

01-Prana-149 14-Feb-2021

If we are deep-rooted in meditation, we connect our link with the innermost thing desired.

BWS 100
02-Prana-149 15-Feb-2021

Waiting is also a sort of intense remembrance which is greatly beneficial to spirituality.

SS 315
03-Prana-149 16-Feb-2021


We should utilize this occasion in getting into the Master and Master alone, which will act as food and tonic for spiritual elevation.

SDG 29
04-Prana-149 17-Feb-2021 Heaviness of mind or internal denseness caused by gross forms of worship is a great impediment to our spiritual advancement and should be avoided. BWS 247
05-Prana-149 18-Feb-2021 The grace or effect of higher centres remains far apart due to the grossness and complexities we have made. SDG 58
06-Prana-149 19-Feb-2021 For every grain of wisdom the knowledge required must be at least ten times greater. SDG 96
07-Prana-149 20-Feb-2021 The training under Natural Path starts from Karan Sharir (causal body) where the impressions are in seedling form. SS 86
08-Prana-149 21-Feb-2021 Under the system the dormant energies of the Centre and sub-centres are awakened so as to enable them to function properly. SDG 92
09-Prana-149 22-Feb-2021 The real state of enlightenment comes when we get into full consciousness of the condition of enlivenment and after imbibing its effect, secure merging in it. BWS 307
10-Prana-149 23-Feb-2021 The most important factor in realization is self-confidence in our own capacity and power to achieve success. BWS 208
11-Prana-149 24-Feb-2021 A little inclination towards the attainment of the Reality, will start weaving the future. SDG 32
12-Prana-149 25-Feb-2021 Attachment with God results in detachment from the world, and that is true vairagya. SS 36
13-Prana-149 26-Feb-2021 We are failing in our sacred duty if we do not exert ourselves for the discharge of our responsibilities pertaining either to this or to the next world. BWS 264
14-Prana-149 27-Feb-2021 The feeling of Vairagya in the real sense and with the lasting results can only be developed after thorough cleaning and due moderation. BWS 270
15-Prana-149 28-Feb-2021 The prayer must be offered in such a way as if some most miserable man is laying down his miseries with a deeply afflicted heart before the Supreme Master, imploring His mercy and grace, with tearful eyes. SS 141
16-Prana-149 01-Mar-2021 They are mostly dogmatic instead of Godmatic EH 439
17-Prana-149 02-Mar-2021 Renunciation truly means non-attachment with worldly objects and not the non-possession of things. BWS 200
18-Prana-149 03-Mar-2021 The real form of Viveka is that when a man begins to realize his own defects and shortcomings and the bottom of his heart feels repentant for them. BWS 273
19-Prana-149 04-Mar-2021 It (Vairagya) is simply an inner feeling which turns our heart away from all that is superfluous for our normal living. BWS 33
20-Prana-149 05-Mar-2021 I do not agree with those who hold the view that the only means of cultivating non-attachment is to get away from home and family and retire to a solitary corner discarding all worldly ties. BWS 200
21-Prana-149 06-Mar-2021 Begin your puja with a prayer for spiritual elevation with a heart full of love (devotion). Commandment 2
22-Prana-149 07-Mar-2021 The reason why prayer should be offered with a heart full of love and devotion is that one should create within himself a state of vacuity so that the flow of Divine Grace may be diverted towards him. BWS 135
23-Prana-149 08-Mar-2021 By prayer, we come nearer to our goal because we come in contact with the Being. SDG 67
24-Prana-149 09-Mar-2021 In prayer we stand before Him as an humble supplicant presenting to Him our true state and completely resigning ourselves to His will. BWS 210
25-Prana-149 10-Mar-2021 Constant practice brings a man to a state in which he begins to feel himself in prayer all through. BWS 135
26-Prana-149 11-Mar-2021 The state of prayer is that of a devotee and it is strengthened by love and devotion. BWS 136
27-Prana-149 12-Mar-2021 At the time of prayer we adopt supplicant mood and becomes very near to surrender. SDG 52
28-Prana-149 13-Mar-2021 No particular time is fixed for the prayer. One can do it when he feels inclined to it or else he should try to create a disposition for it when required BWS 136
29-Prana-149 14-Mar-2021 When a man creates in himself a strong craving for the Absolute, he is indeed in a state of prayer and it is for everyone to strive for it. BWS 144
30-Prana-149 15-Mar-2021 It is also sheer folly to pray to the Great Master for worldly gains except in most special cases. BWS 137