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Daily Inspiration

Peerless Pearls


Bhanwar (Lalaji era)

1-Bhanwar-149 16-May-2021 Faith in reality, faith in the right course you have adopted for realization, faith in the worthy master whom you have submitted to, this is the rock upon which you must build your edifice of spirituality if you really aim at success. BWS 248
2-Bhanwar-149 17-May-2021 For making one-self deserving one must have his goal and his present position clearly in his view. SDG 146
3-Bhanwar-149 18-May-2021 Divine help does come, no doubt, but only when the Supreme is convinced of devotee's earnestness of purpose. BWS 146
4-Bhanwar-149 19-May-2021 The only way to free ourselves from the entanglements is to divert our attention from them and fix our eyes on the very Real thing. BWS 198
5-Bhanwar-149 20-May-2021 There cannot be any breakdown in spirituality, if faith and desire for the Ultimate is there. SDG 163
6-Bhanwar-149 21-May-2021 All of us are proceeding towards Divinity or the goal of life - some consciously and some unconsciously. SDG 103
7-Bhanwar-149 22-May-2021 Spirituality is a sort of feeling or consciousness of the Highest. It is the doorway to enter into Divinity pure and simple i.e. the Highest Evenness all along. SDG 157
8-Bhanwar-149 23-May-2021 Silence is a part of a few grains of Spirituality and not the Reality itself. SDG 67
9-Bhanwar-149 24-May-2021 The conception of the Guru as a spiritual mother promotes within us the feelings of love, reverence and surrender which are the main factors of a spiritual life. BWS 260
10-Bhanwar-149 25-May-2021 We know that God is completely devoid of grossness, so the realisation of God must mean the attainment of a state of similar subtleness to the last possible degree. SDG 91
11-Bhanwar-149 26-May-2021 If somehow or other they make a firm determination to reach the Reality, the power of Master shall affect them. BWS 40
12-Bhanwar-149 27-May-2021 At higher levels the conditions are such that even if one ascends a little by selfeffort, he quickly slips down because of the strong push from above. So, for our entry into higher regions, the Master's help is indispensable. SDG 14
13-Bhanwar-149 28-May-2021 It is only when a worthy master of calibre comes up to our help, that we are able to tear them (bondages) off in order to make our passage to the Absolute Reality smooth and easy. SDG 98
14-Bhanwar-149 29-May-2021 The natural yearning of soul is to be free from bondage. If there is one who does not like to free himself from the entanglements there is no solution for him. BWS 190
15-Bhanwar-149 30-May-2021 God is known to be both samavarti and samadarshi. SS 201
16-Bhanwar-149 31-May-2021 A powerful will made at the very first step and maintained all through, shall never fail to achieve complete success. BWS 206
17-Bhanwar-149 01-June-2021 Guru is the connecting link between God and man. BWS 213
18-Bhanwar-149 02-June-2021 Having God is the real subject of spirituality. SDG 146
19-Bhanwar-149 03-June-2021 A man who is himself free can free you from eternal bondage. BWS 221
20-Bhanwar-149 04-June-2021 For realising Him we have ourselves to become god-like. SDG 72
21-Bhanwar-149 05-June-2021 To find the way back by unravelling the strands binding us may not be possible except with the help of a guide who has connected himself to the Source. SDG 24
22-Bhanwar-149 06-June-2021 One who can foment us by his own inner powers would be the best for a guide in the spiritual pursuit. SDG 10
23-Bhanwar-149 07-June-2021 Gurumata disciples are those who obey the commands of the master in all matters and try to submit to his will in all possible ways. BWS 261
24-Bhanwar-149 08-June-2021 The only thing for the abhyasi to do is to connect himself with the power of the master, whose mind and senses are all thoroughly disciplined and regulated. SDG 88
25-Bhanwar-149 09-June-2021 My revered master, Samarth Guru Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, has rendered wonderful service to humanity in this respect by providing the easiest means of gaining the object of life. SDG 137
26-Bhanwar-149 10-June-2021 One who can foment you with his own internal divine power to make your task easy, is the only capable hand for spiritual guidance. SDG 120
27-Bhanwar-149 11-June-2021 If anybody wants that he should get benefited, he should encourage himself to cultivate right faith, right cognition, and right morals. SDG 65
28-Bhanwar-149 12-June-2021 Indeed our Great Master has boldly asserted that one can, for sure, attain liberation in this very life, nay, even in a part of it, provided one is really earnest about it and has the fortune of having a proper guide. SDG 71
29-Bhanwar-149 13-June-2021 Thus the thing goes on and the time comes when grossness bids farewell and subtleness also loses its charm. SDG 144
30-Bhanwar-149 14-June-2021 The beauty of the training of my master is that spiritual life runs parallel to the life in the world, with ever increasing efficiency. SDG 163