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Daily Inspiration

Peerless Pearls


Iswar (Lalaji era)

01-Iswar-149 15-June-2021 I believe He can better be sought for in the midst of one’s own heart. But for that purpose, the spirit of the Spartans is necessary. SS 530
02-Iswar-149 16-June-2021 The goal of life is easily reached if we are devoted to it, having idea of our Master all the way through. SDG 160
03-Iswar-149 17-June-2021 What we stand in need of, from a Guru is the true impulse to effect the awakening of the soul. BWS 221
04-Iswar-149 18-June-2021 The help of the Master, who has himself travelled the entire distance and has developed in himself the Divine force, is therefore of immense value. SDG 99
05-Iswar-149 19-June-2021 Total vacuum is God alone. When we merge in Divinity, the state of vacuum begins to dissolve itself; it comes to the Nearest. SDG 67
06-Iswar-149 20-June-2021 If a grain of Reality be gained; it so invaluable that the entire riches of the world can not be its ransom. SDG 179
07-Iswar-149 21-June-2021 Be plain and simple to be identical with Nature. Commandment 4
08-Iswar-149 22-June-2021 One should lead a simple and pious life absorbed in constant Divine Consciousness, discharging properly at the same time all his worldly responsibilities and duties. SS 36
09-Iswar-149 23-June-2021 Nature too helps us in the process by creating a field for bhog in order to remove the impressions of our thoughts and actions from the causal body. BWS 201
10-Iswar-149 24-June-2021 When we were born into this world for the first time we were pure, because the source from which we have descended or come down is purity. SDG 23
11-Iswar-149 25-June-2021 To acquire naturalness should be the main care of the abhyasi. SDG 51
12-Iswar-149 26-June-2021 As a matter of fact Reality, which one aspires for, is so simple that its very simplicity has become a veil to it. SDG 86
13-Iswar-149 27-June-2021 One must go on reducing the activities, shaking off all superfluities that have entered into his being, for the purpose of shattering his individual network. BWS 153
14-Iswar-149 28-June-2021 He (abhyasi) must also cultivate habits which will be conducive to his efforts of shattering the network. BWS152
15-Iswar-149 29-June-2021 If any of you breed the divine thoughts, mind will grasp it and will not eject them because, it is the real nature of mind since it has come from the real Artery. SDG 32
16-Iswar-149 30-June-2021 As you think, so you become. SDG 62
17-Iswar-149 01-July-2021 Real love develops in purer mind, having its Nature Divine. SDG 69
18-Iswar-149 02-July-2021 We are searching for the potentiality which creates consciousness, and if that too is gone then we find ourselves on the verge of true Reality, pure and simple. BWS 72
19-Iswar-149 03-July-2021 Reality dawns upon him alone who goes back along with Nature making himself subtler and subtler. SDG 28
20-Iswar-149 04-July-2021 We should attempt the finite for the Infinite SDG 58
21-Iswar-149 05-July-2021 If we drag ourselves towards the world, things of fear begin to display their character and when we are towards the Divinity, Divinity plays in Divinity itself. SDG 68
22-Iswar-149 06-July-2021 It (Knot 2) is known as the seat of atman. Cleanliness and simplicity are the characteristic features of this state. A feeling of moderation is also experienced to a certain extent. BWS 311
23-Iswar-149 07-July-2021 We are a part of the cycle of this existence or in plain words, we are a part of Nature. We should abide by Nature and not try to beat the Nature. SDG 153
24-Iswar-149 08-July-2021 It is very easy to talk about the creation but as to what part we have to play in it remains always silent. SDG 150
25-Iswar-149 09-July-2021 If all the things are changed to co-operate with the Nature, balance develops and that is what we want. SDG 153
26-Iswar-149 10-July-2021 We should always take the broader view of things and widen it so that it may be able to cross its own boundary. SDG 149
27-Iswar-149 11-July-2021 Be truthful. Take miseries as Divine Blessings for your own good and be thankful. Commandment 5
28-Iswar-149 12-July-2021 The mystery of the problem will be clear if we look into the origin of miseries. BWS 197
29-Iswar-149 13-July-2021 Constant brooding over our own afflictions increases our worries. SS 422
30-Iswar-149 14-July-2021 Total absence of sufferings and miseries in life is, however, impossible and unnatural. BWS 198
31-Iswar-149 15-July-2021 To put up coolly with miseries and troubles contributes much to our betterment; hence they are valuable assets to our progress. BWS 199