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Krishna (Lalaji era)

01-Krishna-149 16-Aug-2021 It is all absorbing attachment (bondage) to Reality alone, which liberates one from every other bondage. SDG 105
02-Krishna-149 17-Aug-2021

When we do something by applying our head and heart we form impressions

BWS 160
03-Krishna-149 18-Aug-2021 Service and sacrifice are the two main instruments with which we build the temple of spirituality, love of course being the fundamental basis. BWS 253
04-Krishna-149 19-Aug-2021 The world will soon realise that no nation on the surface of the earth can survive without spirituality as its base. SDG 84
05-Krishna-149 20-Aug-2021 Service to fellow beings is service to God in the real sense, if it is not done out of any selfish motive. BWS 253
06-Krishna-149 21-Aug-2021 It was all really the effect of our own thoughts and actions that converted brothers and friends into strangers. BWS 157
07-Krishna-149 22-Aug-2021 The development of the feeling of universal brotherhood means the breaking up of the individual network that separated one from the other, and the closer adherence to the tie of fraternity. BWS 158
08-Krishna-149 23-Aug-2021 Let the light of the Real, shine in the heart of everyone so that we may rise up to the expectations of the Divine! SDG 123
09-Krishna-149 24-Aug-2021 This world is in fact a reflection of the other world (Astral world). BWS 158
10-Krishna-149 25-Aug-2021 Existence, in this sense, means a loss of being (called essence) and loss of existence would mean the gain of being (essence). Dr.KCV VolI 342
11-Krishna-149 26-Aug-2021 He (Rev.Lalaji Maharaj) used to say, "Our home is the training ground of patience and endurance." BWS 199
12-Krishna-149 27-Aug-2021 The Natural Path provides a system in which, while living a normal worldly life in the way that all our actions may become penances themselves, we try to achieve our highest Goal - The Ultimate. SDG 69
13-Krishna-149 28-Aug-2021 We should try only to build the future and not waste our time in thinking of the past. SDG 38
14-Krishna-149 29-Aug-2021 Truly speaking, we ourselves are the makers of fate. BWS 160
15-Krishna-149 30-Aug-2021 The real cause of anger is usually one’s own refractory temperament. SS 518
16-Krishna-149 31-Aug-2021 Take everything as coming from the Lord, so that the feelings of resentment may not arise. BWS 161
17-Krishna-149 01-Sep-2021 The greatest obstruction on the path of spirituality is offered by our feelings of partiality and prejudice, which may be roughly assumed as a type of ahamkara. SS 154
18-Krishna-149 02-Sep-2021


Lord Krishna had originally introduced bhakti in Raja Yoga in a way the yogis know, because he knew the time was at hand when life would be uncertain.

BWS 102
19-Krishna-149 03-Sep-2021 The end of desires means the stopping of the formation of Samskaras. BWS 201
20-Krishna-149 04-Sep-2021 The external help comes in the form of suffering caused by the wrongs done by others, against which the people generally poison their thought on account of their own ignorance. BWS 161
21-Krishna-149 05-Sep-2021 We should do our duty to uplift the mankind not minding whether they are doing their duty towards us properly. SDG 152
22-Krishna-149 06-Sep-2021 Be not revengeful for the wrongs done by others. Take them with gratitude as heavenly gifts. Commandment 7
23-Krishna-149 07-Sep-2021 The disturbed state of mind is more often due to the tyranny of one's own heart and to a brooding nature. SS 177
24-Krishna-149 08-Sep-2021 We should never act in such a way that anyone can lift a finger against us. SDG 128
25-Krishna-149 09-Sep-2021 Another external thing necessary for the beginner is that he should practice restraint in thought, word and deed so as not to injure the feelings and prick the hearts of others. BWS 99
26-Krishna-149 10-Sep-2021 Thoughts have life and they also work on the lives of others. SDG 25
27-Krishna-149 11-Sep-2021 If the practice is systematically done on both these points (Pt.A and Pt.B), desires will soon begin to bid farewell. BWS 60
28-Krishna-149 12-Sep-2021 We blow our own trumpet in our own thoughts, and lose a lot in the process. SDG 40
29-Krishna-149 13-Sep-2021 By the effect of our vicious thoughts and actions we spoil our sense of discrimination and right cognition. BWS 40
30-Krishna-149 14-Sep-2021 When we remain in contact with ideas and thoughts of different kinds, they leave impressions upon our emotional feelings and senses. BWS 39
31-Krishna-149 15-Sep-2021 The best way to get rid of them (thoughts) is to be unmindful towards them and treat them as you treat uninvited guests. SDG 68