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Daily Inspiration

Peerless Pearls


Samadristi (Lalaji era)

01-Samadristi-149 16-Sep-2021 Our present degenerated state is the reaction of thoughts, and by the help of thoughts alone will we be able to evolve our-selves. SDG 143
02-Samadristi-149 17-Sep-2021 If a man wants to work out the problems of his life easily, he should give right suggestions to the mind. SDG 32
03-Samadristi-149 18-Sep-2021 Our actions and thoughts count much in our wrong making. BWS 39
04-Samadristi-149 19-Sep-2021 When a man goes on with his usual work, of whatever nature it might be, in the sense of duty having no weight or impression of it upon his heart, he spoils neither himself nor the cosmos. SS 127
05-Samadristi-149 20-Sep-2021 I would therefore prefer to induce people to forget themselves instead of knowing themselves. SDG 101
06-Samadristi-149 21-Sep-2021 When we are really quite unconscious of the very presence of peace, we are in true sense free from the impression or the weight of the feeling. BWS 222
07-Samadristi-149 22-Sep-2021 Perfect peace is one of its high stages, although the real thing is still onwards, when even the consciousness of peace fails. BWS 222
08-Samadristi-149 23-Sep-2021 When you have a mind to do the work for the good of humanity, you will naturally get it. SDG 107
09-Samadristi-149 24-Sep-2021 To him who might be eager to have experience of that Infinite plane, I may say that he must step into it after brushing aside all the effects of feelings. SDG 80
10-Samadristi-149 25-Sep-2021 Bhog does not only mean undergoing the effect of our past actions but it really means passing through the process of unfolding the intricacies of the point which we have already arrived at. BWS 214
11-Samadristi-149 26-Sep-2021 Our belongings are a pile of Samskaras (impressions) with their resultant effects in the form of complexities and the diverse coverings, which we have gathered round the soul and which are the results of our thoughts and actions. BWS 196
12-Samadristi-149 27-Sep-2021 Anything that comes to us for our ultimate good, may it be from any medium, fills our heart with delight and promotes in us a sense of gratitude. BWS 161
13-Samadristi-149 28-Sep-2021 True faith is really an unspeakable virtue which is beyond the scope of religion. BWS 250
14-Samadristi-149 29-Sep-2021 Be happy to eat in constant Divine thought whatever you get, with due regard to honest and pious earnings. Commandment 8
15-Samadristi-149 30-Sep-2021 Happiest man is he, who is happy under all circumstances, and that is the part of a saint. SDG 38
16-Samadristi-149 01-10-2021 It is a hidden dictum of Nature that every soul must live a happy and restful life. SDG 37
17-Samadristi-149 02-10-2021 A happy disposition is a state which percolates its effect upon the lower layers and purifies them. BWS 162
18-Samadristi-149 03-10-2021 While taking food we fix our thought upon the Ultimate which we have finally to attain, in order to take in its effect too, and increase our purity all the more BWS 163
19-Samadristi-149 04-10-2021 Our rules provide for taking food in the remembrance of God. BWS 163
20-Samadristi-149 05-10-2021 The thing got from Nature is very pure because its basis is purity. The thing earned by man can also remain in a pure state when that is got through pure and pious means. BWS 164
21-Samadristi-149 06-10-2021 If it (Food) is taken meditating all the while on God it will cure all kinds of spiritual diseases and remove things which hinder our progress. BWS 97
22-Samadristi-149 07-10-2021 The power of Prana being all pervasive, nothing is free from its influence. It is inside the food as well as outside it. BWS 163
23-Samadristi-149 08-10-2021 A man should have the desire of drinking the whole river of spirituality. SDG 36
24-Samadristi-149 09-10-2021 If one can sell his heart, i.e. make a gift of it to the Divine Master, hardly anything more remains to be done. SDG 137
25-Samadristi-149 10-10-2021 Self surrender is nothing but a state of complete resignation to the will of the master, with total disregard of self. BWS 258
26-Samadristi-149 11-10-2021 We get power from our thought. It happens only when we create perfect harmony between things of our making and those of the Divine. BWS 165
27-Samadristi-149 12-10-2021 Whatever act you do, do it in the thought "It is the Divine's command and therefore it is my duty to do so", so that the state of remembrance should continue steadfast. SDG 128
28-Samadristi-149 13-10-2021 When surrender is perfect the idea of surrender itself is gone, and it becomes completely natural. SDG 50
29-Samadristi-149 14-10-2021 Acquiring mastery over a certain condition is nothing but merging in it just like medicine which gets dissolved into the body of a man. BWS 325
30-Samadristi-149 15-10-2021 When we surrender ourselves to the Great Master we begin to attract a constant flow of the highest Divine force from Him. BWS 258