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Peerless Pearls


Viveka (Lalaji era)

01-Viveka-149 15-Dec-2021 Man ought never be away from his own level; and this level is called ABUDIYAT (The subdued). SDG 41
02-Viveka-149 16-Dec-2021 My Master Samarth Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh (U.P.) India, has remodelled the 'Yoga' in a way that somehow you may come into contact with the Divine speedily. SDG 151
03-Viveka-149 17-Dec-2021 A few are so born who confuse dhal for boiled rice and take great pleasure in this confusion. SDG 180
04-Viveka-149 18-Dec-2021 Really the path nearest to yourself is the path to God. My revered master, Samarth Guru Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, has rendered wonderful service to humanity in this respect by providing the easiest means of gaining the object of life. SDG 137
05-Viveka-149 19-Dec-2021 The blissful time ushered in by His advent introduced a new era of spiritual awakening which promises a practical solution of the human problem of existence. SS 10
06-Viveka-149 20-Dec-2021 A true devotee is one who loves Him not for any favour or worldly interest but merely for love's sake. He always remains in a state of compete resignation to his will.He is perfectly contended with all that is bestowed upon him whether good or bad,jouful or unpleasant.Joy or sorrow is meaningless to him. BWS 263
07-Viveka-149 21-Dec-2021 My heart remains connected with you all, here and elsewhere, giving impulse in unbroken silence to affect the hearts naturally in due course. SDG 136
08-Viveka-149 22-Dec-2021 Proceed towards Unknown. Love Him who loves all. Destination is not far off. Remembrance is the instrument. SDG 131
09-Viveka-149 23-Dec-2021 My restlessness lies in this, that you should continue to be restless to achieve the goal of attainment of the Divine which alone can give me Real Peace. SDG 130
10-Viveka-149 24-Dec-2021 A saint or a Mahatma is not in any way different from an ordinary worldly man, except that his mind and senses are in a well-disciplined state and wholly under his control. SS 427
11-Viveka-149 25-Dec-2021 There must be one and only one goal so that one may not form different channels for the different goals. SDG 143
12-Viveka-149 26-Dec-2021 Really, that (Worry) is a great Justice and favour for humanity from divinity. SDG 37
13-Viveka-149 27-Dec-2021 By meditation we make a will in our heart covering thereby the surroundings around the heart region. BWS 43
14-Viveka-149 28-Dec-2021 While referring to this path to the Ultimate, saints have said 'beyond and beyond'. SDG 161
15-Viveka-149 29-Dec-2021 The retracing from it (intricacies) can now be effected only by the process of casting away all that he had taken in previously, and by removing perversion of thought by fixing it firmly in the right direction. BWS 152
16-Viveka-149 30-Dec-2021 Let us get so deeply involved in the thought of "This", that no thought arises at all of "That". SDG 130
17-Viveka-149 31-Dec-2021 When you clear off the matter and exhaust the power produced by you, I mean your self-created power, you enter the state just as it was in the beginning. BWS 57
18-Viveka-149 01-Jan-2022 The main purpose of training is that a man should begin to imbibe within him as much of godly attributes as possible. BWS 231
19-Viveka-149 02-Jan-2022 Rise before dawn. Offer your prayer and puja at a fixed hour preferably before sunrise, sitting in one and the same pose. Have a separate place and seat for worship. Purity of mind and body should be specially adhered to. Commandment 1
20-Viveka-149 03-Jan-2022 It is a scientific principle upon which the division of the timings for puja and Sandhya is based in accordance with the natural effect of the time. BWS 122
21-Viveka-149 04-Jan-2022 In fact it (Reality) is all the sphere of Tam and Tam alone. This is the only thing worth achieving for a true yogi. BWS 122
22-Viveka-149 05-Jan-2022 The state of negation which one craves for and which is the real life, abides in it (Tam) and all activities cease before one reaches the point. BWS 123
23-Viveka-149 06-Jan-2022 People have lost sight of the true Reality which is beyond both light and darkness. BWS 124
24-Viveka-149 07-Jan-2022 Satyapad is itself a science for which one may not be well fitted unless he develops the capacity to perceive Nature with his inner eyes. BWS 124
25-Viveka-149 08-Jan-2022 When one resolves to do a thing, the connecting link between the thought and the work becomes intensified, and one begins to draw power from the real source in accordance with the strength of his thought. BWS 125
26-Viveka-149 09-Jan-2022 Performing of Sandhya before sunrise is stressed upon for the reason that the external heat and other influences, which have been driven out of the body, may not creep in again by the effect of the sun which would prevent our deriving the best advantage of the time. BWS 125
27-Viveka-149 10-Jan-2022 For picking up the pearls one must oneself dive deep into the ocean. BWS 125
28-Viveka-149 11-Jan-2022 It is better to sit in the grey of the morning for meditation. SS 136
29-Viveka-149 12-Jan-2022 SWAMI VIVEKANANDA'S BIRTHDAY It is Raja Yoga alone that can successfully lead a man up to the highest level of approach - Swami Vivekananda SS 134
30-Viveka-149 13-Jan-2022 In principle the devotee or abhyasi should present himself before the Master in the same manner as a soldier does at the time of parade. BWS 128