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Daily Inspiration

Peerless Pearls


Radha  (Lalaji era)

01-Radha-149 15-Nov-2021 Once Divinity dawns, the negative attitude to life goes far away. SDG 162
02-Radha-149 16-Nov-2021 Realization is not possible unless moderation and balance are restored. BWS 209
03-Radha-149 17-Nov-2021 When you have played your part fully well, the Ultimate cannot fall short in playing His part. SDG 29
04-Radha-149 18-Nov-2021 To cultivate moderation we have to pay special attention to external ways of life too. BWS 210
05-Radha-149 19-Nov-2021 The proper sort of training, if the Guru is perfect, is that the teacher should generate among his disciples that sort of smell which leads them to the garden. SDG 145
06-Radha-149 20-Nov-2021 I may say here that Reality is not the field for cowards. Lion-hearted men alone can dare approach Reality and men are made so, by Natural Path. SDG 27
07-Radha-149 21-Nov-2021 Under the Natural Path system of spiritual training, the action of senses is regulated in a natural way so as to bring them to their original state, i.e. just as it was when we assumed the human form for the first time. SDG 11
08-Radha-149 22-Nov-2021 With the overemphasis on "Self" morality decays. SDG 53
09-Radha-149 23-Nov-2021 At bed time, feeling the presence of God, repent for the wrongs committed unknowingly. Beg forgiveness in a supplicant mood, resolving not to allow the repetition of the same. Commandment10
10-Radha-149 24-Nov-2021 The most important and unfailing means of success is Prayer. BWS 210
11-Radha-149 25-Nov-2021 The prayer must be offered in such a way as if some most miserable man is laying down his miseries with a deeply afflicted heart before the Supreme Master, imploring His mercy and grace, with tearful eyes. SS 141
12-Radha-149 26-Nov-2021 We must snatch a few minutes from our hours of rest (preferably at bed-time) and pray to God with a sincere heart for His guidance and support on the path of duty. BWS 252
13-Radha-149 27-Nov-2021 When one has accepted Him as the Master he can lay before Him every wrong committed unknowingly by him, or anything that might be against the principle, in the capacity of one feeling guilty. BWS 167
14-Radha-149 28-Nov-2021 The best method for that (shortening the distance between oneself and the Master) would be to maintain in our thought a constant feeling of His presence. BWS 169
15-Radha-149 29-Nov-2021 God is the real Guru or Master and we get Light from Him alone. BWS 227
16-Radha-149 30-Nov-2021 When He has come to know that someone happens to be His real Seeker and Lover, then it would become a sure condition for His coming close to you. SDG 42
17-Radha-149 01-Dec-2021 We acquire the state of highest purity by establishing the relationship of devotion. BWS 168
18-Radha-149 02-Dec-2021 The feeling of humility, which may as well be expressed as a state of supplicancy, covers within it the condition of innocence. BWS 169
19-Radha-149 03-Dec-2021 Our ancestors had sought their ways of realisation in the forests. We under the Natural Path system try to create such an atmosphere around us in our homes so that they serve the purpose of forests. SDG 142
20-Radha-149 04-Dec-2021 Meekness refers to that feeling of mind in which, on being rebuked by others, one feels his own self to be at fault, and for which he has to yield to what is meted out to him. SS 420
21-Radha-149 05-Dec-2021 Repentance is nothing but a jerk to the thought-waves which creates to a certain extent a state of vacuum within him. BWS 168
22-Radha-149 06-Dec-2021 Human perfection lies in realising the Master as Master in true sense, and oneself as His slave devoted entirely to His service. BWS 167
23-Radha-149 07-Dec-2021 In fact there can possibly be no hallmark to the advancement of the human soul, because we have finally to enter into Infinity. SDG 97
24-Radha-149 08-Dec-2021 We have to reach a point where consciousness assumes its true form (i.e. what it really ought to be). BWS 72
25-Radha-149 09-Dec-2021 'One is unaware to the extent that he is aware'. SDG 43
26-Radha-149 10-Dec-2021 The merits of a thing can be rightly judged only by direct experience. SDG 139
27-Radha-149 11-Dec-2021 The infallibility of will (special will) is in fact the real interpretation of the characteristic feature of Brahma-gati the state of Brahman. BWS 341
28-Radha-149 12-Dec-2021 Divinity is a play, and Divine the way! SDG 70
29-Radha-149 13-Dec-2021 He introduces in the abhyasi the Pure State of Divinity, which he is having because this is his work. SDG 49
30-Radha-149 14-Dec-2021 When you begin to embrace the Reality, it echoes towards you also. SDG 149