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Samavarti (Lalaji era)


01-Samavarti-145 13-Jan-2017

In principle the devotee or abhyasi should present himself before the Master in the same manner as a soldier does at the time of parade.

BWS 128
02-Samavarti-145 14-Jan-2017

Our first and the foremost commandment relates to the proper observance of Sandhya and Upasana. By following it we begin to draw in power which we have finally to attain due course.

BWS 130
03-Samavarti-145 15-Jan-2017

There must be yielding attitude towards the master.

SDG 49
04-Samavarti-145 16-Jan-2017

If we make our heart the target of masterly force we begin to expand inside, with the result that in the long run we find ourselves stretching throughout the Godly empire.

BWS 101
05-Samavarti-145 17-Jan-2017

We proceed with meditation on the heart thinking of the Divine Light within, and by so doing we gradually begin to rise or to express it better, to dive deep into the inner consciousness.

SDG 59
06-Samavarti-145 18-Jan-2017

Meditation really means that the mind may be accustomed to the centre itself instead of wandering elsewhere. Meditation on heart is prescribed for that purpose.

SDG 49
07-Samavarti-145 19-Jan-2017

Please think only that Godly light within is attracting you.

SS 135
08-Samavarti-145 20-Jan-2017

When we meditate, the central power we have remains in force.

BWS 44
09-Samavarti-145 21-Jan-2017

It is at this point (Heart) that the connecting link between the animate and the inanimate is most clearly felt.

BWS 306
10-Samavarti-145 22-Jan-2017

When you acquire a state of permanency in your meditation, touching the innermost plane, the idea of the Ultimate or God becomes quite near you.

SDG 161
11-Samavarti-145 23-Jan-2017

If we try to retain the effect gained by meditation for the most part of the day, and abide in the same state for as long as we can, we are in a way in constant remembrance of God and our progress is easy and rapid.

SS 307
12-Samavarti-145 24-Jan-2017

The mind, which in its primordial state was absolutely pure and regulated has now been spoiled and polluted by our wrong ways and doings.

SDG 19
13-Samavarti-145 25-Jan-2017 When his (Man's) downward tendency is checked, the thought of reaching the Origin automatically revives in his heart. BWS 131
14-Samavarti-145 26-Jan-2017

The grace of my Master Supreme has enabled us again to assemble here and feel the cozy warmth of the sunshine of His everlasting benignance.

SDG 35
15-Samavarti-145 27-Jan-2017

Complications also arise by the effect of our wrong thinking and practice, which we have to clear off through the process of cleaning.

SDG 98
16-Samavarti-145 28-Jan-2017

It (the process of cleaning) will help you in purging your mind and make you receptive of the efficacious influence of our great Master.

SS 136
17-Samavarti-145 29-Jan-2017

The density of the thought can only be removed if we take to the subtle method.

SDG 62
18-Samavarti-145 30-Jan-2017

While meditating, if you secure even a temporary lull, that means you have gone a step further on the path.

SDG 161
19-Samavarti-145 31-Jan-2017

Our Great Master has boldly asserted that one can, for sure, attain liberation in this very life, nay, even in a part of it, provided one is really earnest about it and has the fortune of having a proper guide.

SDG 71
20-Samavarti-145 01-Feb-2017


We should utilize this occasion in getting into the Master and Master alone, which will act as food and tonic for spiritual elevation.


SDG 29
21-Samavarti-145 02-Feb-2017

Now since times are changing, as I have hinted at in 'Efficacy of Raj Yoga', only such means as introduced by our Revered Master Mahatma Ram Chandraji shall be in vogue throughout the world.

SDG 84
22-Samavarti-145 03-Feb-2017 You should only meditate. You should not struggle with the ideas and thoughts which generally come in during meditation. SS 136
23-Samavarti-145 04-Feb-2017 Meditation only at a certain fixed hour is not enough, for we are thus in touch with the sacred thought only for a while after which we have no idea of God whatsoever and are for most part of the day away from the path of service and devotion. BWS 254
24-Samavarti-145 05-Feb-2017 One must be regular in the abhyas. If interest in meditation is created, half the work is done. SS 21
25-Samavarti-145 06-Feb-2017

The knowledge of the Divine is a science.

SDG 84
26-Samavarti-145 07-Feb-2017

'I' consciousness remains far and near, and it disappears also, if we do our abhyas devotedly.

SDG 161
27-Samavarti-145 08-Feb-2017

"Awake, O sleepers, it's the hour of the dawn".

SDG 164
28-Samavarti-145 09-Feb-2017

By meditation we create a temporary lull in our mind and calmness prevails for the time during which we are in touch with the divine force.

BWS 254
29-Samavarti-145 10-Feb-2017

The external ways adopted for the purpose (attainment of purity) began to cast their effect upon the mind and thus the internal purity too began to develop.

BWS 129
30-Samavarti-145 11-Feb-2017

Purity starts from being and impurities are the result of the wrong suggestions and improper utilization of the inner environment.

SDG 31
31-Samavarti-145 12-Feb-2017

The divine experiences are the perceptions of the conditions relating to Divinity.

SDG 27