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Satpad (Lalaji era)

01-Satpad-149 16-Oct-2021 The best way of surrender which I have stated is to "Feel Dependence Upon God". SDG 50
02-Satpad-149 17-Oct-2021 Thought when purely Divine, can reach the Source without fail. SDG 62
03-Satpad-149 18-Oct-2021 How do we know that our Surrender is complete? It is when we begin to know that the abhyasi is surrendering naturally to all humanity. SDG 50
04-Satpad-149 19-Oct-2021 It is really the state of self-surrender in which one, as a true devotee, surrenders himself completely to the will of God, the Master, basking in the sunshine of His Grace. SDG 101
05-Satpad-149 20-Oct-2021 Somehow if we become subtle as He (God) is, it means union. SDG 144
06-Satpad-149 21-Oct-2021 To effect the surrender of heart in the easiest way, only an act of will is required. SDG 138
07-Satpad-149 22-Oct-2021 Love Him who loves all, and thus everybody is automatically loved through Him. SDG 159
08-Satpad-149 23-Oct-2021 Mould your living so as to rouse a feeling of love and piety in others. Commandment 9
09-Satpad-149 24-Oct-2021 When we want to humour a baby we pose innocence like him; SDG 72
10-Satpad-149 25-Oct-2021 Our dealings must be moulded, with due regard to proper needs and fair right of everyone, and bring them in close conformity with those of Nature. BWS 166
11-Satpad-149 26-Oct-2021 When we inwardly develop, in and out become the same. In this way, purity begins to reign all over. Thus, we help Nature also. SDG 106
12-Satpad-149 27-Oct-2021 There is every sense in living - not only in living but achieving the highest. The craving of the soul can be satisfied best, while one is living and existing. SDG 163
13-Satpad-149 28-Oct-2021 If we really want our transformation, which we should come forward like a warrior in the field to test our own bravery for the task. SDG 135
14-Satpad-149 29-Oct-2021 Nature manifests herself in different colours, each object receiving its due share according to its capacity and worth. BWS 166
15-Satpad-149 30-Oct-2021 We should effect such a making of ourselves as may help us to become the cynosure of His eyes. BWS 165
16-Satpad-149 31-Oct-2021 Accepting turning towards the spiritual life is the beginning of life, the highest state of it is 'Life in Life' which lies hidden in life itself. SDG 104
17-Satpad-149 01-11-2021 It (Life) is a state of Being which should remain permanently, as long as we live, thoroughly in contact with the Being, smelling at each step the fragrance of the Being. SDG 36
18-Satpad-149 02-11-2021 As we develop in spirituality, the nature of peace also changes and, in the end, non-peace peace, is the result. SDG 116
19-Satpad-149 03-11-2021 We can only know the unknown when we become unknown ourselves. SDG 69
20-Satpad-149 04-11-2021 Mind can be known by mind and Divinity can be known by Divinity. SDG 151
21-Satpad-149 05-11-2021 One of the essentials in the making of a man engaged in spiritual pursuit is moderation. BWS 209
22-Satpad-149 06-11-2021 The finest Divine gift, which is patrimony of the entire progeny of mankind, stands reserved just for the human being, residing in the state of moderation in all respects. SDG 174
23-Satpad-149 07-11-2021 Moderation really means that we have entered the sphere where our restless tendencies have subsided to a great extent. SDG 73
24-Satpad-149 08-11-2021 The way of life should be pregnant with high morals. SDG 65
25-Satpad-149 09-11-2021 If we are in the hands of a real master, all the things necessary for 'man to be called man' gradually come out of themselves. SDG 54
26-Satpad-149 10-11-2021 Faith, in true sense, is a lively link connecting the mortal with the Immortal. BWS 250
28-Satpad-149 11-11-2021 We should have good heart for all human beings. Then the power will run to them automatically. SDG  107
28-Satpad-149 12-11-2021 We should give our due consideration and try to improve the lot of the unvirtuous also, who may feel the thirst for the Real and develop yielding attitude to the Master. SDG 158
29-Satpad-149 13-11-2021 The background of spirituality is the "Moral Courage" which rises when one is moral. SDG 53
30-Satpad-149 14-11-2021 What is morality in the True Sense? It is that all the faculties may come in harmony for proper use. SDG 53